BetTech Gaming and Quickfire Sign Deal as Dunia Take Advantage

Posted: December 6, 2013

Updated: October 4, 2017

Dunia to Launch Sportsbook After Adding BetTech Products to their Quickfire Powered Casino

Online and mobile casinos have been boosted in Africa in recent times by the creation of new software platforms. One of the first to take advantage was Dunia, whose Iplay8 casino used Microgaming’s Quickfire platform to provide top quality casino games to gamblers in Tanzania.

Well, they have had yet another boost, as technology solutions provider BetTech has announced a deal with Quickfire that will allow online casinos in Tanzania, such as Iplay8, to utilize the BetTech sports betting platform throughout the country.

Of course, the reach of these two companies goes beyond just Africa, but Dunia’s director, Costa Giannakopoulos, was delighted, stressing the strength of Quickfire’s platform: “The introduction of BetTech’s sports betting product takes our offering to another level. Our players have responded extremely positively to Quickfire’s games on iplay8casino.”

It’s only recently that punters have been able to bet, as Tanzanian gambling laws underwent some changes that allow the creation of legal mobile casinos in the country. As the rest of Africa follows suit, the continent is likely to become a major challenger in the mobile casino world in the near future.

Meanwhile, BetTech Gaming CEO, Mark Bosman, was delighted with the link-up, saying: “The addition of Quickfire games significantly widens and strengthens the quality of the BetTech product offering.”

The South African company have identified what they believe is a gap in the market, and they have been bringing their product to other African countries as they look to boost their brand across the continent. With many North African countries introducing new gambling products in recent times, this could be the start of something big in the mobile casino industry.

Other changes in recent times have included the gaining of responsible gaming certificates by the Moroccan lottery, as well as the expansion into South Africa of Sun International, after the launch of their own mobile sportsbook.

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