Betting $6 Will Land You in Texas County Jail

How much does it take to get arrested and sent to jail for gambling in Texas? $6 is enough.

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How tough can Texan law get? Texas authorities will not tolerate even small stakes real money gambling. As reported by online gambling news in United States, undercover officers in Laredo, Texas, were sent to work to pretend to be small time gamblers at local amusement places.

Even tougher than many American gambling laws applied in other states, Texas law doesn’t tolerate amusement casinos to pay out to players more than $5 dollars in winnings. If the owners of these casinos want to provide better offers than a few dollars or a teddy bear, they must give coupons for groceries or other small items.

In order to prosper in this business, many arcade game operators broke the Texan law by offering more chunky payouts. It, unfortunately, was their mistake as recent police actions seized 250 slot machines and $26,000 at one place, while at the other about 140 slot machines and over $10,000 were confiscated. On top of losing their businesses, the owners were arrested and sent to a country jail. Charges included illegal promotion of gambling.

Texas legislators attempted, as many other states, to change the $5 law. State legislator Richard Raymond proposed to increase the stakes to $500. However, his proposal was rejected, leaving Texans a petty play option where even a $6 winning is illegal and can result in many dark nights in a county jail among drug traffickers and violent robbers.

This will take away potential tax revenues from the state as many players tend to opt for mobile betting opportunities and other competitive online gambling and sports betting offers.

As state and federal laws in America can change at any time, and anywhere among the 50 states, follow us at Gaming Zion for updated information.

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