Betting on Charles Leclerc: Is It a Good Idea?

After winning the GP3 Series championship in 2016 and the FIA Formula 2 championship in 2017, the 20-year-old Monégasque driver has made his debut in F1 and caught the attention of wider audiences. A good number of them are actually betting on Charles Leclerc to be the number one driver in the foreseeable future.

Charles Leclerc
(source: Sauber F1 Team)

Now that more and more sources report that the rumors about his signing a two-year deal with Ferrari were true, online betting sites in Monaco are receiving another wave of bets on Charles Leclerc.

To be fair, his switch to Ferrari is not the only thing that inspired gambling enthusiasts to try their luck. The favorable betting odds that bookies are offering significantly add to the allure. Unibet Sportsbook, for instance, gives an 8.00 increase if Leclerc wins the Drivers Championship by 2022.

To decide whether placing money on that option is a good idea, let us review what brought Leclerc that Ferrari contract and the .

Leclerc’s F1 debut

The Monaco-born driver currently has 13 points, which is very impressive given that technology is not on his side. He is with Sauber, the team that finished last in the Constructors Championship last year.

Leclerc’s biggest moment so far has been the Azerbaijan GP, where he navigated the chaos skillfully. His lap times came close to those of Daniel Ricciardo (Red Bull). That performance allowed him to climb to the sixth place (which was Sauber’s best finish in almost fifty races).

He was also named “the hero of the session” at the qualifying for the French GP, where he finished with a time seven-tenth faster than teammate Ericsson.

Even Ferrari was impressed by feats like that, even though that team is very reluctant to employ inexperienced drivers (since 1977, this is the first time someone has managed to secure a permanent seat there before completing at least two full F1 seasons). Ferrari made an exception because they know Leclerc has great potential to win them more points than Kimi Raikkonen is currently bringing them.

The personal side

Standout racing performance and dream contract aside, there is something else that wins over audiences. Leclerc’s racing career has also included well-documented personal dramas.

His father, who had also been an F3 driver, died last year just three days before his son’s F2 race in Baku. The grieving Charles won the round despite reportedly struggling to focus. As he put it in an interview with The Independent, “I didn’t know what to expect because my head was completely somewhere else.” He dedicated his pole position to his father. Fulfilling an earlier promise, he then finished the championship in a replica of his late father’s helmet.

This year hasn’t been easier for him, as he received devastating news about his grandmother after completing the race in his home country. Seeing how gracefully Leclerc acts in difficult times like these, it’s not hard to root for the young driver.

Yes, betting on Leclerc is a good choice

Could Leclerc win the Drivers Championship by 2022? Despite being very young, setting such a goal would not be overly ambitious. Sebastian Vettel, for instance, won his first World Title when he was only 23 years and 134 days old.

Leclerc still has ample time if he wants to make online sportsbook news in Monaco by becoming the best driver by 2022. With so many experts praising his skills, it is indeed a good idea to bet on him. After all, with Unibet Sportsbook’s 8.00 betting odds, even a couple of euros could earn you decent returns.

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