Is Betting on Danny Garcia vs Shawn Porter a Profitable Option?

Boxing fans have been galvanized by the mandatory trash talk and have started betting on the Danny Garcia vs Shawn Porter fight. While anything could happen when boxers of their caliber step in the ring, we have a clear favorite.

Danny Garcia
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According to online sportsbook news sites in the US, the two former champions will clash on September 8 in the Barclays Center in New York City. They will be fighting for the WBC welterweight belt that Keith Thurman (the only man to defeat Garcia and one of the two who managed to beat Porter) vacated due to injuries.

There will also be something else at stake: the winner will be challenged by Errol Spence Jr., who currently holds the IBF title. Let’s see who Spence expects to emerge victorious and become his next opponent.

What does Errol Spence predict?

The undefeated Spence has stated that even though “Shawn Porter would give anybody a tough fight,” Garcia is the better of the two:

I think Danny Garcia could pull it out. I mean, he doesn’t do anything spectacular, but he has great timing, good fundamentals and, you know, he’s a very good fighter, man. He just pulls it out. I mean, when you think he’s gonna lose the fight, he ends up winning the fight. So I’ll go with Danny Garcia on that one.”

The best online betting sites in the United States seem to agree with him, as they favor Garcia over Porter. Bet365 Sportsbook, for instance, offers -175 (1.57) odds for Garcia’s victory compared to +137 (2.37) for Porter.

Things to consider while betting on the Danny Garcia vs Shawn Porter bout

Some, however, think Porter’s size advantage will give Garcia some troubles. While Garcia climbed to welterweight only in 2015, Porter has even competed at middleweight in his early career, dropping down to welterweight gradually.

However, most commentators argue that their styles will have a bigger impact on the bout than the size difference. While it is often mentioned that both of them are pressure fighters, what points out is less often highlighted: the Philadelphia-born Garcia is quite different from Shawn in other respects. Porter relies entirely on a come-forward style, and Garcia likes to wait for the perfect opportunity to land shots. His technique is arguably more convincing than Porter’s.

Garcia has a game plan how to capitalize on his technique and nullify Porter’s size advantage.“I’ve got to go in there and dictate the pace of the fight and fight my fight. I can’t go in there and basically get caught up in his fight,” Garcia told

Me and my father [coach Angel Garcia] have a perfect game plan to get away from the head butts, so we have some tricks up our sleeve.

Garcia has definitely demonstrated in his previous fights that he can adjust his style to his opponent’s. While some believe in Porter, the majority think that those tricks up Garcia’s sleeve will get the better of Porter. And with the -175 odds offered by Bet365 Sportsbook, you could collect a very reasonable increase by betting on the Danny Garcia vs Shawn Porter fight.

Garcia vs. Porter Betting odds
# To Win Odds
1. Garcia -175 (1.57)
2. Porter -137 (2.37)

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