Betting on Amir Khan to Beat Canelo is a Smart Gamble

Posted: May 2, 2016

Updated: May 2, 2016

May 7th’s Middleweight title fight has been predicted by some to be an easy victory for Canelo Alvarez, but betting on Amir Khan might be worth the gamble

After a hard-fought victory over legendary Puerto Rican, Miguel Cotto, most figured Saul “Canelo” Alvarez would attempt to unify the Middleweight title against Kazakhstani knockout artist Gennady Golovkin. Then, in a move that had many scratching their heads, it was announced that Canelo would fight Amir Khan.

With just under a week before the fight, the betting lines at GTbets have been solidified. Khan is a massive +375 underdog, and Canelo is -550. Most other online sportsbooks in the US have similar odds. At first glance it appears that Khan will not stand a chance against the bigger and more experienced fighter, but closer examination shows how he could very well pull off the upset, and betting on Amir Khan could earn you a nice profit.

Why is betting on Amir Khan a smart move?

Critics of this matchup are quick to point out the size difference between the two fighters. While it is true that Canelo has fought his last four fights at 155 pounds, and Khan has spent the majority of his career in between 140 and 147 pounds, Khan actually possesses a reach advantage. The two fighters’ heights are virtually identical, and most are betting on Amir Khan to put on significant strength through weight training.

Amir Khan may have the fastest hands and feet in the game today. He also has excellent ring-control, and does well when firing off punches at a distance. This could be his key to victory over Canelo, a bruising inside fighter who has been criticized for his sometimes flat footed style.

This will not be an easy fight for either man, but Khan has the tools to pull off the upset. His speed, timing and footwork have the potential to spoil the Canelo vs GGG showdown, and could catapult him into a new level of popularity. Betting on Amir Khan has its risks, but could also reap huge rewards.

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