Betway NBA and NHL Sponsorship Deals: Signed!

  • Betway just signed NBA and NHL sponsorship deals 
  • It will be the official sponsor of teams like the Chicago Bulls
  • The operator also expands in Germany, South Africa and Brazil
Betway NBA and NHL Sponsorship Deals 

One of the United States’ most popular sports betting sites just made a really good deal with great names from the sports business. The operator Betway secured six sponsorship deals with NBA and NHL teams! And what is more, it is also expanding its online market towards territories like South Africa, Germany, and Brazil. 

For online gambling sites in the US, being a sponsor of major sports events and great sports teams is an opportunity like no other. They can appear on the huge screens during matches, they can have their logos on athletes’ shirts – for now –, and they can be advertised in many other ways thanks to the games. So, the NBA (National Basketball Association) and the NHL (National Hockey League) sponsorship deals can and will do many favors for Betway. But the operator also looks at the bigger picture: it has more perspective concerning new markets all around the world!

The perks of sponsorship

Betway NBA and NHL Sponsorship Deals 
The deal is on!

The sports industry is a million-dollar business – everyone knows that. So, it is not that big of a surprise that it lured many companies to make sponsorship deals. This is why you could see the car and many other types, like gambling companies’ logos during matches. Businesses and sports teams both recognized that this marketing tool, the sponsorship deals are beneficial for them. We can say, that by these collaborations both sides are feeding off each other, so they can all grow. Sports teams need huge amounts of money so that they can be successful on the field – or court, or whatever. And gambling companies need a reliable and acclaimed platform for their ads, and they are willing to pay loads of money for those.

So, the clubs get their money, meanwhile, operators get to appear in front of their target audience. This practice also raises the trust of these companies and their bookmakers. Not to mention, that it shows gambling as it is: a normal and fun activity. All in all, these sponsorship deals are beneficial for both NBA, NHL, and Betway.

Betway NBA and NHL sponsorship deals

The popular operator just made its position even more stable in the US, by signing up for six new partnerships with teams from the NBA and the NHL. By this, the brand’s presence in the US is stronger than ever. From now on, Betway will be the official sponsor of admitted teams like Brooklyn Nets, Chicago Bulls, Cleveland Cavaliers, LA Clippers, and Golden State Warriors. In NHL they became the official partner of New York Islanders. “Our branding will be seen courtside and rinkside in some of the biggest arenas in North America, bringing our customers closer to the action. Our brand is recognized globally as a leader in offering a fair, safe, and responsible environment in which to place wagers and we look forward to US customers enjoying a similar experience.” – said Anthony Werkman, Betway chief executive.

Betway NBA and NHL Sponsorship Deals 
Let’s get sponsors!

What is more…

The presence of Betway as one of the online sportsbook sites in the US is already remarkable – especially with the NBA and NHL sponsorship deals. But the UK-based operator wishes to conquer other markets. It just made its way to Germany, by getting approval from the Regional Council in Darmstadt. So, from now on it can offer its online betting products in the country. Also, they signed partnerships with Bundesliga football clubs: SV Werder Bremen, Hertha BSC, and VfB Stuttgart. But it was not enough for Betway! At the beginning of 2020, they aimed at other markets, like that of South Africa. They already inked a sponsorship deal for the T20 cricket tournament in the country. Moreover, they wish to expand their territory into South America as well. Their next step is going to be Brazilia, according to their announcements.

You can discover more about Betway Sportsbook here.

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