Sportsbook Deals in Major Leagues: The Top 5

  • Sportsbook deals in major leagues are beneficial for both parties
  • Why do these partnerships form?
  • Here are the top 5 cooperations from the last year
Sportsbook Deals in Major Leagues

We cannot really separate the sports business from the gambling industry anymore: they are tied together. All the popular operators are trying to be invested in sportsbook deals in major leagues – and they are long-awaited! Since cooperation is beneficial for both the gambling business and the sports clubs it is an accepted practice. But how do they take advantage of each other? And what are the top deals in the meeting of the two industries?

If you have ever seen a football match, a tennis court, a Formula 1 track, a swimming race, or any other sport-related event or place, you sure have noticed the logos of gambling companies. Signing sportsbook deals in major leagues is a perfect way for online gambling sites in the UK to get to their number one target audience. But it is not just the brands that need this kind of cooperation. It is advantageous for both parties – this is why these kinds of deals are so widespread. Keep on reading to find out how they both profit from the cooperation, and what are the top 5 deals – subjectively, according to GamingZion.

Winners and winners

When talking about the sports industry, one thing is clear: it is a million-dollar business. And as such, investors took an interest at a very early time. So, it draws the attention of many companies to make sportsbook deals in major leagues – and gambling companies are no different. They saw a chance, so they took it! This is why you can see logos from Betway, Bet365, and other online sportsbook sites in the UK’s logos all over athletes’ and sports events. But it is not just the gambling companies that saw the opportunity: sports teams did as well! This kind of marketing tool is an easy way for them to get ahold of bigger amounts of money to use on their development. By these collaborations, both parties can grow and support each other. Sports teams can invest in their games, while gambling companies can have a reliable and acclaimed platform for their ads.

All in all, the sportsbook deals in major leagues raise the trust of gambling operators and their bookmakers. They also improve the common opinion of gambling itself – setting it to be a completely normal and fun engagement, as it is. In the meantime, sports clubs can enjoy their allocations. So, we can say it is a classic win-win situation.

Sportsbook Deals in Major Leagues
Everybody wins!

Sportsbook deals in major leagues

Since these kinds of agreements are pretty big deals, all the online gambling news sites in the UK, wagers, and actors of the sports industry are all invested in them. Everyone is excited to hear the newest sportsbook deals, especially in major leagues. And the field usually gives them want they want! Just in the last couple of months, some remarkable deals are now considered to be the top ones in the field.

According to GamingZion, these are the most significant sportsbook deals lately.

Betway & Miami Open
The United Kingdom-based operator, Betway just decided to go back to the tennis court by becoming the official sports betting partner of the Miami Open.

Betway & NHL and NBA teams
It was not enough for the brand: they also signed sportsbook deals in major leagues with six American teams. So, the Betway will be the official sponsor of admitted NBA teams like Brooklyn Nets, Chicago Bulls, Cleveland Cavaliers, LA Clippers, and Golden State Warriors. They made the same deal with NHL, by sponsoring the New York Islanders.

Caesars Entertainment & NFL
In 2020 for the first time, NFL announced to allow sponsoring by sportsbooks. Their very first official casino sponsor was named: it is Caesars Entertainment.

Unibet & Swedish Poker Championships
Unibet just reinforced its position in Sweden this year by signing a new partnership with the Swedish Poker Association. Last year was the first time of their cooperation and they extended it for three more turns.

Bet365 & Spotlight Sports Group
The Racing Post, MyRacing and FreeSuperTips umbrella group established a relationship with bet365 last year. Thereby they deepened their collaboration on their video projects, so bet365 is on it until 2021. This involves an exclusive sponsorship of the popular Cheltenham Festival series.

You can discover more about Betway Sportsbook here.

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