Unibet to Host Poker Championships – Great Partnership on the Rise

  • Unibet has a wide range of partnerships
  • They already worked together with the SPA
  • For the next three years, Unibet is to host the Swedish Poker Championship
Unibet to Host Poker Championships
Unibet to Host Poker Championships

Unibet, as one of the most popular online gambling platforms, has been present in many countries for the last couple of years. They are also strong in the Scandinavian Peninsula, and to be more exact, in Sweden. And now it looks like that the company is expanding its presence there. They just made a new partnership with the Swedish Poker Association which reinforces their position in the country. Right now, Unibet is to host the Swedish Poker Championships in the next three years.

Unibet is a provider of sports betting, online casinos, bingo, and online poker, with over 11 million customers who live in over 100 countries. They are on online gambling sites in Sweden as well. The company is a part of the Kindred Group, an operator with 11 different brands. As of today, Unibet has more than 1500 employees distributed in offices in Malta, London, New York, and many other cities. Their HQ is in Malta. The firm was founded in 1997 and they started their first website in 1999. They launched their live betting in 2003 and their first mobile site in 2004. The founder is Anders Störm and the CEO today is Henrik Tjärnström. Unibet sponsors several major sports events and some teams as well. And now, as Unibet is to host the above-mentioned poker championship, their horizon widens.

The wide range of partnerships

Unibet, like other online sportsbook sites in Sweden, has made a record of respectable partnerships over the last years. They are partners with New Jersey Devils and Philadelphia Eagles. They are officially the betting partner of Paris Saint-Germain, Aston Villa, Preston North End, and Middlesbrough. As for now, they are also the sponsor of Club Brugge, Rangers FC, and Warwickshire County Cricket Club. They also sponsor e-sports teams, like Astralis. They also started their partnership with Magnus Carlsen, the Norwegian chess grandmaster. But it was not enough for them! They just agreed to have a three-year partnership with the Swedish Poker Championship event. By this, Unibet is to host the online portion of the Poker Championship.

Unibet to Host Poker Championships
Let’s play!

Unibet to host Poker Championship

Last year Unibet hosted the Swedish Poker Championship for the first time. It was quite a successful cooperation, the firm got a positive response from the players and the business as well. One poker player, Robert Svedin even spoke up on the topic. He said that the firm hosting the event felt “completely right”. Another stand by Unibet is that it can invest in the Championship so that it can develop its systems. Because of this, the Swedish Poker Association asked Unibet to do it three more times – at least. By the agreement, Unibet will have a say in the format of the next Poker-SM tournament. They can also advise some potential alterations in the proceeding of the contest until 2023.

Positive sides of Unibet to host Poker Championship

Ever since Unibet started operating, they experienced that their events grow organically. The SPA is hoping to see the same thing happen to their event with more people joining. Leo Wagenius, Unibet’s tournament manager believes that this will improve the Swedish Championship as well. “An agreement like this means that we can set up a strategy that extends beyond one year, which will mean that our investment will be more sustainable and qualitative” – he said. So, they could make a long-term strategy and not just work from year to year. They also expect an increase in the number of participants. Mauritz Altikardes, PokerEvent Sweden AB COO stated: “It’s nice to see a brand that doesn’t want to just see a quick trade-off from the traffic the event generates”.
Well, we will soon be able to see the results of the new partnership, since the Swedish Championship starts this month.

You can discover more about Unibet Sportsbook here.

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