Online Poker Tendencies 2021: Twitch and VR

  • What can we expect in the poker world in 2021?
  • he future of poker will also depend on innovation, and a lot of investment is now being made in virtual reality and streaming
  • In this article, we'll take a look at some of the most common online poker tendencies in 2021
Online Poker Tendencies 2021

What can we expect in the poker world in 2021? Naturally, regular live poker and online poker will remain hugely popular, and it’s worth seeing what trends may remain relevant here. Meanwhile, the world of Twitch poker streams continues to expand. Likewise, the future of poker will also depend on innovation, and a lot of investment is now being made in virtual reality (VR), where the possibilities seem truly endless. Indeed, poker is a game of constant adaptation and adjustment to the opponent. No strategy can guarantee you superiority over all others forever. You need to be one step ahead of the rest of the players and adapt. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most common online poker tendencies in 2021. 

Limping is getting popular

You probably remember how poker articles in bold wrote about 5 years ago that limping was used only by weak players. Over time, the view of this technique has changed. Now the strongest regulars have adopted it and perform it in a variety of situations. The most common ones are the limps with a hand of medium strength. It can be profitable if there are a lot of weak players behind you who are ready to dive into the bank, forming a multi-pot. If you hit the board well, you will be able to pick up post-flop. Meanwhile, without hitting, you will not lose a lot of chips.

4-bet Limp can be used with a polar range if there are players in the blinds who do not surrender to the steal. Usually, they use it in order not to invest a lot of money preflop. And what about the limp in the small blind if an aggressive or, on the contrary, too passive player sits behind you in the big blind? In the first case, it is worth limping strong hands to provoke aggression and play a big pot, in the second case, you can limp with an entering and bet on any flop. Online poker sites in the USA are the best places to practice your skills. Therefore, learn How to make a million in online poker and earn real money in no time!

Online poker tendencies 2021: Blind Defense

This concept has taken on a spontaneous character among the regulars. Indeed, the players realized that with a min-raise, you can profitably defend almost your entire range. In deep stacked MTTs, good regulars can defend almost any two cards to a min-raise from a mid-late position. Considering that now understanding players defend almost the entire range for a min-raise, a tendency has begun to increase the preflop raise sizing. Regs move away from the raise by exactly 2bb and start tweaking their bet sliders for a 2.1 – 2.5bb raise to generate more fold equity.

At the same time, a 3bb raise from the blind is considered too big, especially in the later stages, and an effective stack of 40bb or less, and is a weak player. Therefore, one should make a separate sub-clause in this part to increase the variety in post-flop bets. Previously, the continuation rate was the standard – 50%, in the current conditions one can regularly see continuation bets in the size of a third of the pot, as well as overbetting three pots on the river. Strong regs perform this action with a completely polar range, from absolute nuts to full bluff.

Also, a logical change in the strategy was the change in the percentage of the continuation bet after the aggression preflop. Taking into account that players often defend the big blind and no longer give up so easily to continuation bets, you should abandon the 100% continuation bet after aggression. The strategy taught this until recently. If you are a preflop aggressor, you should bet on almost any flop. Now continuation bets have become more individual. Strong players can easily check their top pair against an aggressive opponent to get maximum value. Thus, they provoke the opponent to bet the turn himself.

Online Poker Tendencies 2021
Got a lucky hand?

Changing short stack play

Until recently, defending marginal suited hands in the big blind was a sign of a weak player. Now defending, say, a queen of eight spades with a stack of 15 big blinds is practically a matter of honor for any strong regular. Raising / folding with a stack of 20bb or less is also fairly standard play. Indeed, Harrington once wrote that you cannot enter the game with a stack of 20bb or less if you are not ready to play all-in with her for a 3bet.

Modern MTT regulars in the Intertops Poker find a place for post-flop with a stack of 15 big blinds. To win at poker regularly, you need to know what to expect from your opponents and anticipate their actions. The best of the best start adjusting to this or that trend even before most poker players know about it. Besides, discover How To Choose An Online Poker School to learn all the online poker tendencies 2021.

Online poker tendencies 2021: Twitch and streaming

Indeed, poker streams have become very popular and there are no signs that they will start attracting fewer viewers in the future. While cutting-edge innovators such as Jason Somerville continue to discover new concepts, streaming stars such as Lex Veldhuis continue to break viewer records. Veldhuis offered his ideas on what new trends in 2021 could emerge in the streaming poker world: “I think there will be a lot of technological developments. The tools are becoming easier to use and people are becoming more aware of them. One guy that immediately comes to mind is Tom Howard, aka MajinBoob, who also streams for PokerStars. His use of technology is insane. He’s amazing and he taught me a lot in this area. ” Many people think that poker is already a part of the Twitch community and will be able to find a lot of support from other streamers.

Online Poker Tendencies 2021
Are you playing?

We suppose the trend will be that gamblers will find their style. For some time now, people have seen certain streamers and felt that they should be just like them. However, Twitch is a live platform and viewers will very quickly cut fakes that are pretending. Therefore, master your skills in the online poker sites in the USA and start streaming. Just do not forget to be yourself!

Other technological innovations

“I think VR has almost unlimited potential right now,” said PokerStars Ambassador James McKenzie, pointing to one of the most likely areas of innovation for 2021. “This brings a new dimension to the game we all love, and all indications are that the game will only get harder.” Since the launch of the beta in January 2019, updates have been released monthly here, bugs are fixed, new features are added, and the game appears in new territories. If this pace of progress continues until the New Year, then the game, which already has almost unanimously positive reviews on gaming platforms and communities, will only get better. Read about Artificial Intelligence In The Gambling Industry as one of the online poker tendencies 2021.

Online poker tendencies 2021: What’s new?

Deep Water and Tempest at Pokerstars PokerStars have been experimenting a lot with the game over the past few years, adding new variations of popular poker formats that are regularly launched. Not all of them have seen the light of day, but many are now firmly entrenched in the range of games available. Therefore, the trend for 2021 will undoubtedly be to continue trying to add innovation. Deep Water and Tempest were the last modes to launch on PokerStars towards the end of 2020. However, everyone still plays a lot of 6+ (Short Deck Hold’em), which has become a global success.

Rejected as a fad by some players, 6+ tournaments are still growing in popularity among high-stakes Asian players. However, there is also a jump to more massive touring. In our article, you can have Online Poker Tournaments Explained. At EPT Prague, the 6+ € 1000 event attracted 37 entries. There are no guarantees that the New Year will bring anything as successful, but there will be confident that there will be at least a few new games to try. You can also rest assured that the trend for online poker streaks will continue and possibly expand in 2021. While WCOOP, SCOOP, and TCOOP will be back, and MicroMillions too, it looks like there will be a High Roller and Winter Series after a few more successful weeks. Join the Intertops Poker and get ready for an unforgettable year!

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