2021 Finnish Municipal Election Odds Suggest SDP Will Likely Prevail


Posted: February 17, 2021

Updated: February 17, 2021

  • The ruling Social Democrats remain solid to win most seats
  • The Finns Party is widely popular among the young people
  • National Coalition Party and Centre Party are relatively in crisis

The 2021 Finnish municipal election odds are currently available just two months before the election day. There are many hopefuls to win most seats. But, the ones to likely prevail are the Prime Minister’s party the Social Democrats.

As per online sportsbook news in Finland, the political landscape in the country has been rapidly changing in the last few months. There are new rising forces such as the Finns Party, which is widely popular among the young people. The National Coalition Party and the Centre Party are facing a setback.

However, The ruling Social Democratic Party led by Prime Minister Sanna Marin remains solid. Thus, it will most likely obtain the highest percentage of votes according to the Finnish municipal election odds. It is not massively leading over the other main competing parties. But, it holds relatively good confidence ahead of the election day scheduled for 18 April.

Social Democrats remain in pole position

The previous municipal election took place in 2017, where the Social Democrats came second with 19.4 percent of total votes. Two years later, they won the parliamentary election with 40 seats. Consequently, they formed a coalition government in cooperation with the Centre Party, the Green League, and the Swedish People’s Party. Currently, they are led by Prime Minister Sanna Marin and have seven of the 19 ministers in the cabinet.

According to the latest opinion poll commissioned by Yle, the Social Democrats will likely win 20.3 percent of the total votes. It is not a huge jump compared to recent years, but sufficient to win the highest percentage. Thus, it is relatively safe to choose the Social Democrats to take the pole position. Their Finnish municipal election odds value 1.85 at 22BET Sportsbook.

Finnish Municipal election odds
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Finns Party are widely popular among the young people

The populist and right-wing opposition party led by Jussi Halla-aho is so far second in the polls. Online sportsbooks in Finland expect them to have the biggest leap in the election. Their odds are 2.25 to be the outright winners. Should that happen, it will be one of the biggest upsets in the history of the elections in the country. The popularity of the Finns Party is widely among the young people according to a survey done by euroactiv. So, such a thing to happen is highly possible.

National Coalition Party is relatively in crisis

The liberal-conservative party has been one of the big three parties to dominate Finnish national politics for several decades. In the last three municipal elections, the National Coalition Party won the highest percentage of the votes. However, they are seemingly facing a crisis dropping down the line to the third biggest party. The Finnish municipal election odds are 3.74 for the National Coalition to win again. But, there are no signs yet of a comeback.

Centre Party are so far fourth-placed

The Centre Party led by Annika Saarikko since last September is not having its best days. They are expected to get 12.9 percent of the total votes, according to Yle poll. That means it will stay in fourth place, which is the same situation that was in 2019. That is no good news for the Centre Party that lost 18 seats in 2019 going from the largest party to the fourth-placed. Despite all of that, their odds are 30 to win the election.

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