How to make a million in online poker?

  • Gamblers from all over the world enjoy playing online poker as their hobby.
  • However, some players want to turn this hobby into a source of income.
  • How to make a million in online poker? Our article can answer this question.
how to make a million in online poker

The question of whether it is possible to make money on poker stays in the minds of most novice gamblers. Someone agrees to be content with individual victories and cash rewards. However, other players want to turn their hobby into a source of stable and solid income. But how to make a million in online poker? In this article, we have prepared some pieces of advice from professional gamblers. 

How to make a million in online poker:

Step#1: Find your perfect strategy

On the Internet, including on our website, you can find tons of information that will help you improve the overall level of the game. Look for the educational articles (Stud Poker Online Strategies: Learn And Win!), analysis of hands from (Pick the Luckiest Card Suits in Poker for a Royal Flush), statistics, tweet streams, channels on YouTube, etc. Study all these materials gradually and only at trusted sources. Then apply the acquired skills in practice, and over time you will develop a certain strategy that allows you to win. And if you need a hit, just look at our latest Zoom Poker Strategies and get ready to win at the online poker sites in the USA!

how to make a million in online poker
Strategy is key.

Step#2: Invest in yourself and your game

The best you can do to get great results in poker is to invest in yourself and your game. Even Warren Buffett, the greatest investor in the world, has repeatedly said that “the best investment you can ever make is the investment in yourself.” But what does this mean in terms of poker? It means that you should use the numerous training resources and tools to improve and develop yourself as a player. Moreover, some of these resources are generally free. Here we have listed some of them:

  • Poker books;
  • Training poker courses;
  • Analysis of your own base game;
  • Reading poker blogs;
  • Discussion and placement of played hands in poker forums;
  • Watching Twitch Poker Streams;
  • Watch training videos on Youtube;
  • Creation of small poker groups among successful regulars;
  • Hiring a Poker Coach.

There are a lot of ways to improve your game. However, players often underestimate them greatly. We recommend you take at least a few of these training sources. In our article the Best Books About Online Gambling, you can find all the necessary information about the poker literature. And if you want to get a professional training course, then learn How To Choose An Online Poker School. 

Step#3: Create a plan of success for the whole year

In poker, your task as a player is to focus on the whole year and not on the results of individual sessions or even weeks. No one guarantees that from the next month your affairs will go right according to your plans. You may catch the downstream, and it will seem that you can not win a single hand. However, you are just as likely to catch the upstream and start the year in a good mood.

how to make a million in online poker
Plan ahead!

And if you do want to have a good start, you should learn to soberly evaluate your current results and focus on the long-term distance. That is, for the whole year, and not for individual days or weeks. Therefore, we would recommend that you, without delay, start creating a plan of success, which would dictate to you exactly how you will improve your game and win rate with each new month.

Moreover, a conscientious player can rise from NL2 to NL100 in one calendar year. And the NL100 is probably the first limit where you will start to meet a huge number of professional regulars. There the average earnings will already be calculated in thousands of dollars per month.

Plan on how to make a million in online poker:

We propose the following growth scheme by limits:

  • NL2 – $ 80
  • NL5 – $ 200
  • NL10 – $ 400
  • NL25 – $ 1000
  • NL50 – $ 2000
  • NL100 – $ 4000

You can stick to more conservative bankroll management of 50 or 60 BI for each limit unless this gives you more confidence and comfort at the tables. Thus, in just 5 successful steps (assuming that you start with NL2), you can rise to the NL100. This means that you need to switch to a new limit approximately 1-2 times per month. Is it hard? Yes. Impossible? No.

With clearly defined goals, you will always know where you are moving and how much you have left. This is the best way of how to make a million in online poker. Besides, it is better to make your goals public. This is a proven way to force yourself to be more responsible and demanding.

Step#4: To make a million in poker “take it easy”

If you want to perform well in online poker, choose the right opponents. Simply put, play poker easily! A lot of gamblers can tell about how much their results improved after they stopped playing against regulars and focused on opponents of their level or lower. This is so obvious!

Poker is a game of people with people and it is not a lottery. Your results will always directly depend on the people you play with. Yes, you can be at least the 6th best player in the world. However, if you find yourself at the same table with players # 1, # 2, # 3, # 4 and # 5 guess what will happen? That’s right, your chances of victory will be rather low at this table!

Winning poker depends entirely on the table at which you decide to play. And the best way to make your game easier is to find a poker room with a field of your level. Intertops has a wide variety of online poker rooms. Therefore, you can be sure that you will be able to find your winning table!

Step#: Explore the latest trends in online poker

Online poker is a game of constant adaptation and adjustment to the opponent. Even if you use a well-established strategy (or several), nothing will ever guarantee you 100% superiority over others. Therefore, to stay one step ahead of the rest, you must follow and learn the latest trends in card discipline. It can be various limps, bet sizing, changing the ratio of combats, and so on. Before visiting the Intertops poker room, you should get acquainted with all the information mentioned above. Are you still wondering how to make a million in online poker? It all depends on you!

You can discover more about Intertops Poker here.

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