How To Choose An Online Poker School


Posted: May 4, 2020

Updated: May 4, 2020

  • To become a professional poker player it is not enough to study the rules of the game.
  • Experienced gamblers note that academic knowledge is very important if you want to succeed in poker.
  • In our article, we have listed tips on how to choose an online poker school.

It is hard to imagine a real professional gambler without the academic knowledge of the game of poker. Indeed, one needs the academic knowledge, since the basic rules are not enough. The fast mathematical analysis available today is firmly taking its position along with an intuitive game. However, it requires deep study. Moreover, since in poker you play against other people, do not forget about psychology as an important aspect of the game. The combination of these and other related disciplines leads to the need for their systematization. Therefore, a lot of various paid and free poker schools have appeared. But how to choose an online poker school suitable for you?

Thanks to various methods and learning strategies, online poker schools will help you go all the way to developing real skills for everyone from beginner to professional. Interactive games and instructional videos, free group lessons, and individual training, bonuses for success, as well as special literature and communication with professional players are waiting for you. In general, all that online poker schools will require back from you is proper attention, perseverance, and patience.

Ways of learning online poker

Training on your own

The basis of this method is that a gambler will not only have to find useful information but also deal with its filtering. The only plus that many beginners and even some poker professionals note is that this process is free of charge. You don’t owe anyone. Thus, you can study and learn from mistakes yourself. True, when it comes to gambling, some hard-earned mistakes and arrogance will occasionally appear. However, it all depends on the quality of your training. In our article How to Become a Professional Poker Player in 8 Steps, you can find some useful free tips. They will help you succeed while gambling on online poker sites in the USA.

Online poker schools: Training in group classes

This is most often a paid way, although you can find something like an interest group where there are several experienced poker players. However, most often a person will have to study specialized courses both offline and online. Teachers at online poker schools will share the secrets of excellence and provide a large number of examples offered to the group for analysis. Usually, group classes are not so expensive. You will have online video lectures and discussions. Moreover, you will be able to turn your knowledge into practice while playing online against the other group members.

How To Choose An Online Poker School
Start learning now.

Online poker schools: Individual sessions

This method is rightfully the most expensive, but it is rightfully the most productive. It consists of self-study and one-on-one training. In these classes at online poker schools, a learning process will fit your special needs. As many experts note, with individual lessons, the technique and strategy of poker games improve in a short time. However, if you are not ready to pay for learning you can always read our articles like Zoom Poker Strategies and How To Win At Video Poker.

The choice of a suitable way to learn how to play this interesting card game depends on the goals set by the student. Remembered that success in poker requires preparation. Indeed, to study the rules, it is enough to read two or three articles, and then play for fun. However, if you want to become a professional then you should know how to choose an online poker school. Successful students will show their best in the Intertops Poker rooms.

Stages of learning in online poker schools

An online poker school is a full-fledged educational system that consists of several stages of training. Depending on what stage of mastering the strategy you are at, you can choose one of several specialized courses:

A basic course

It is the easiest way to learn the basic rules of poker. The basic course usually consists of 3 stages. Thanks to them you can get acquainted with the rounds of bidding, options for action, types of combinations, etc. Such information will advance you on the path to learning poker. However, it will not provide the necessary knowledge about playing for real money. Therefore, to get experience, the authors of the training materials suggest participating in training games. At the end of the initial course, anyone can take a short test. Its results will help you understand how successfully you got acquainted with the basic strategy. The quality of a basic course also influences on how to choose an online poker school.

Multi-table tournaments

When drawing up a training program, online poker schools pay special attention to multi-table tournaments (MTT). Indeed, in 2019 this format was the most popular among beginners. Throughout this stage, you will learn about the features of the strategy in the early and middle stages of tournaments, the struggle for the blinds, and the game at the final table. To consolidate the knowledge gained in practice, students can take part in free ranking tournaments with real prize pools. At the end of the course, all participants are invited to take a test that will show how deeply they have mastered the MTT strategy.

Sit & Go tournaments

Single-table tournaments in the world of modern poker are no longer as popular as they were a few years ago. However, the Sit & Go online format deserves attention and can be great entertainment and a source of income. The structure of this course duplicates the MTT one. However, the strategy for each stage is redesigned by the mathematics of a single-table tournament. As usual, at the end of the course, all users can take the final test.

Cash Games

It is one of the most significant training courses in online poker schools. In the poker community, the cash game is considered the most complex discipline, which requires deep knowledge in psychology and mathematics. The cash games training course offers you a closer look at the following aspects of poker: preflop hands, pot odds, semi-bluffs, bet sizing, common mistakes. Each of these topics is described in detail. To complete the training, a member of the online poker school needs to not only carefully examine the materials but also pass the final test. Its successful completion will confirm your knowledge of the strategy of cash games.

How To Choose An Online Poker School
Cash games are one of the most important.

These are the most common stages in online poker schools. Make sure you choose the one that fits for you the most. Don’t you still know how to choose an online poker school? Well, we have gathered some tips for you.

How to choose an online poker school

There are tons of poker tutorials on the Internet. However, online poker schools provide the most holistic and integrated education. Each of the courses there has been worked out in detail following the needs of students. Some educational programs require a fee, however, there are materials completely free and available to all interested players. A novice can get acquainted with instructional videos, study poker rules, and vocabulary.

We have listed the key points which characterize good online poker schools:

  • Free and open access for everyone;
  • Conducting lessons in video format;
  • Only relevant and important information that facilitates the game;
  • Motivation from teachers;
  • The presence of a large number of articles for students with different levels of training;
  • The constant and productive assistance of qualified professionals.

Now you know how to choose an online poker school. Take these tips into account and become a professional poker player. Intertops Poker is waiting for you.

You can discover more about Intertops Poker here.

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