How To Win At Video Poker: Best Strategies


Posted: March 25, 2020

Updated: March 25, 2020

  • Video poker is one of the most popular and profitable ways of gambling.
  • You can win a lot just knowing the right strategies!
  • In this article, we will discuss the main rules on how to win at video poker.

Video poker is one of the most popular and profitable gambling entertainments. Nowadays, both offline and online casinos include it in their gaming range. Video poker has a lot of fans who prefer this way of gambling the most. However, some players are still not familiar with this game. In our article, we have decided to give some insights about how to win at video poker. 

The history of video poker

Some users consider video poker as a relatively young way of gambling. However, this is not true. First devices with video poker appeared in gambling establishments 14 years earlier than the first classic Liberty Bell slot machines. Moreover, the predecessors of modern video poker machines are devices released by the American company Sittman and Pete in 1891.

The appearance of video poker in its current form was preceded by the invention of the PC and the introduction of new technologies to the gambling industry. In the 1970s, Dale Electronics Poker-Matic introduced the first modern machine for playing video poker. Initially, the players reacted to this innovation with some distrust. However, by the 1980s video poker got its army of fans.

The last stage in the evolution of this game is the transition of video poker to online space. This happened in 1995, thanks to the efforts of Microgaming, which included video poker in the list of games of its first gambling platform. Since then, millions of players enjoy this game in various online casinos in the USA. Haven’t you played it yet? We will help you to find out how to win at video poker.

Video poker vs. Real poker

Curiously, video poker in an online casino has not much in common with regular poker. There are no live opponents, completely different rules apply, and the standard round lasts no more than a minute. The common things are, perhaps, the same set of cards (although several decks can be used for video poker), and the same winning combinations.

An interesting fact is that being able to play classic poker, you can easily master its version for online casinos in the USA. But the reverse transformation will not occur. Poker itself is a rather complicated game. However, it is a little bit easier to win at video poker. Wanna try your luck? Visit Intertops Poker and win today!

How to win at video poker: Rules and gameplay

Video poker is played according to the standard rules of draw poker (5-card poker). The goal is to collect a paid combination of five cards, making no more than one exchange. All winning combinations of cards are displayed in the payout table. It is always present in each interface of the game. Typically, most of the standard high-poker combinations are used in video poker. In some varieties, there is also a joker. However, this combination is paid not so generously as a “clean” high-hand. It is better to familiarize yourself with winning combinations, payouts, and the other nuances before the start of the game.

how to win at video poker
What’s your lucky hand?

The gameplay of video poker is quite simple. First, the player makes a bet, presses the Deal button, after which five cards face down appear on the screen. Further, the player can save all the cards that will help to form a profitable combination. To do this, the player needs to click once on the desired card or use the Hold buttons. They are located under each of the five cards. At the next available move, all unselected cards are replaced with new ones for free. If there is such a combination in the payout table, then the player wins at video poker.

In the case of the victory, many varieties of video poker offer users to play a bonus game and double their winnings. Most often, four face-down cards and one face-up are laid out in front of the player. One must choose any of the closed cards. If the selected card is higher in seniority than the first open, then the player doubles the winnings. Otherwise, one loses the bet. Sometimes there are other options for bonus games. For example, you need to guess the color or suit of a closed card. In any case, the user can always refuse to play the bonus round if one does not want to take risks.

How to win at video poker: Best strategies

Despite the simplicity of the rules, a huge number of strategies on how to win at video poker exist. We cannot describe all of them. However, we have gathered some insights from video poker experts which will help you win.

Always play slot machines with the maximum payout!

Payouts on different slot machines for video poker can vary significantly. You can see the amounts of payments in the table. If you play regular Jacks or Better, you need to carefully study the payout table. It is worth taking part in the game only if the casino offers 9 to 1 for a standard full house and 6 to1 for a royal flush. Such slot machines give the maximum payout. They are called “nine to six.”

Play at maximum bets!

Most video poker players offer high royal flush payouts to those who play at maximum bets. Since the loss of a royal flush is very rare, the win will be significant. In addition to this, on a progressive gaming machine, you will not get a jackpot if you have not placed a maximum bet.

how to win at video poker
Is this your lucky day?

Do not split winning combinations!

Separation of strong cards for forming straights and flushes significantly increases the advantage of the casino. Better to bet on an already dropped pair, even if not very strong. An exception is a case when you have four cards for a royal flush on hand along with a pair. The probability of a large gain is high enough to make such a sacrifice.

Remember about your bankroll!

Make sure your bankroll is sufficient for the game you want to play. If you have $ 100, then you can’t go far with low-stakes video poker. If there is not enough money for a bet, you should switch to a machine with more modest requests.

Stick to the limit!

You can significantly increase the enjoyment of the game if you set the limit you can lose. Thus, you will stop playing when you reach this limit.

Play for the right reasons!

Gambling is not only about chasing money. Moreover, its main goal should be a pleasant pastime. Make a living on playing roulette, blackjack or poker is very difficult, as luck is not constant. Of course, you can find slot machines with 100% payouts, but they are so rare that it can take years to find them. Online games should foster a good mood, and not cause a neurosis.

Use online bonuses and privileges!

Apart from the fact that you can get rich playing video poker online, you can also use the privileges that online casinos offer. In this case, one should carefully study the conditions for their provision and withdrawal.

Do not be afraid to discard all cards completely!

If you have low-rank cards in your hands that cannot possibly contribute to the collection of a good combination, do not be afraid to get rid of them. You are more likely to win with the new five cards. There are fewer chances of collecting a good combination of random cards. This approach is especially good when playing Deuces Wild.

how to win at video poker
Play your hands right!

Do not miss your jackpot!

If you are lucky enough to hit the big jackpot, do not rush to leave your gaming room! As in a real casino, it is not worthwhile to leave your video poker machine on the Internet until the staff assures the winnings. Moreover, you have to make sure that the money won is transferred to your game account.

New technologies and video poker

Since there are a lot of options for online video poker, it is almost impossible to memorize all the rules and strategies of the game. Therefore, special programs are created to help players analyze poker combinations. They explain how to win at video poker. Using such a program, a player can manually set such a parameter for a combination. In this way, one can find out which cards are saved and which game version is optimal. Also, the player will have access to other useful data. For example, there are options for the outcome of the exchange, tables with the percentage of possible winnings, the totality of the received card combinations, etc.

Now you know how to win at video poker. We hope this information is useful for you and will help you next time you visit Intertops. Knowledge is the key to success. Good luck!

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