BBC Sports Person of the Year 2020

  • Lewis Hamilton can win for the third time
  • The most underrated Brittish athlete
  • Dina Asher-Smith is the second most probable winner
  • Tyson Fury as the bookies' favorite
BBC Sports person of the Year 2020

Nominates are ready for BBC Sports Person of the Year 2020 award. Let’s see who are the athletes with the most chance to win BBC’s annual award for the best sportsman. While the best British sportsman is going to be chosen by public vote, online sportsbooks in the UK are already made it available for you to vote.

Let’s check out the finest British athletes in this article. Who has the most probability to win the award according to the bookies’ opinion?

Lewis Hamilton to win the BBC Sports Person of the Year 2020 Award

The name of Lewis Hamilton and the motorsport Formula-1 is inseparable from each other by this time. The bookies of the 1xBET Sportsbook are offering the odds of 13 for him, to win the BBC award in 2020. Once, in 2014 he managed to grab the prestigious award once. However, during the last two years, he was ending up in second place. Maybe 2020 is going to be Hamilton’s lucky year to have the award once again. Winning the Formula One World Drivers’ Championship last year for a three times streak is proving that he is still in the game.  He won this award six times in total.

Cycling for the award – The chances of Jason Kenny

Track cycling is definitely a sport full of speed and adrenaline. Jason Kenny is one of the best in this sport. He is a six-time Olympic champion which is quite impressive. Also it worth taking it into account that the Olympic games are only happening every four years. By the number of gold medals achieved by one person, he is the third one, right behind Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt. Many are considering Kenny as one of Brittain’s most underrated champion. However, the bookies are still giving the odds of 11 for his win. With this, he is the third most probable winner of the BBC Sports Person of the Year 2020 Award. We didn’t hear much about Kenny besides that he is enjoying his loving family. However, if the Olympics are happening this year that is a great opportunity for him to gain some extra attention.

Dina Asher-Smith running for BBC Sports Person of the Year 2020 Award

Dina Asher-Smith has great accomplishments in running. While the place where she can shine the most is at the Olympics, she wouldn’t miss any chance to gain a gold medal once it’s possible. With the odds of 10, she is being the second most probable winner of this year’s BBC award. While last year she ended up as the third one on the BBC Sports Person of the Year award, she can possibly have a better chance in 2020. But once Hamilton was the second wan the last two years why do bookies think that she has more chance than last year? Maybe it’s due to her indisputable beauty or maybe the chance to take part in the Olympic games. Last year, Dina was winning the World Championships on 200 meters so I bet that she has something to come up with for the Olympics.

Tyson Fury is the bookies’ absolute favorite

BBC Sports person of the Year 2020
Tyson Fury – Image via Wikipedia

While Tyson Fury was beating depression, drugs, and alcohol, he was also beating the so far unbeaten, Deontay Wilder, last winter. With this success, he managed to grab the WBC Heavyweight title together with The Ring. Maybe this victory is the main reason why bookies think that he is the most probable winner of the BBC Sports Person of the Year 2020 Award. Since 2007 there was no boxer who could win this award by his or her performance, maybe it’s time.

Tyson “The Gypsy King” Fury has a great record of 30 wins 0 losses and one tie (his previous fight with Wilder). The odds for his victory is 2.61. While seemingly there is no reason to doubt his success, there are a few things to mention about him. The heavyweight league is a hard nut to crack and Tyson will have to face some of the most fearsome fighters of the world during this season. Strange things can happen when someone is seemingly untouchable. Just think about Mike Tyson’s fight against Buster Douglas, when the Ironman suffered a loss from someone who was seemingly not on the map.

Here we also should add the accusations going around Tyson Fury

The story roots back in 2016 when they were finding nandrolone in Tyson Fury’s urine sample. Nandrolone is a steroid that can only appear in a person’s body if they consume uncastrated wild boar. The Tyson brothers (both of them were positive to nandrolone test) were facing a long legal battle. They were arguing that they didn’t take any performance-enhancing drugs. At the time a 70 years old farmer was testifying that he was selling wild boar meat to the brothers. However, this is where things take a turn around. This year the farmer was saying that he was lying at the time and was paid £25.000 to say what he was saying.

To make the new accusations stand on the legal ground the farmer was advised to get in contact with BBBoC and UKAD. However, Tyson was giving back his British boxing license right before his match against Wilder and was fighting under a Nevada license. Thus, British authorities have no way to investigate the case. The farmer is not reliable nor a real treat to Tyson since if he goes legal he recognizing the fact that he was taking part in corruption which is a felony. However, if these things are escalating that can have a really bad impact on the image of the Gypsy King. Losing popularity regarding an award that is decided by public vote is not going to strengthen one’s chances.

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