Special Bets for Neymar – Goals, Assists and, More!


Posted: March 30, 2021

Updated: March 30, 2021

  • Neymar has a decent goal scoring record
  • The Brazilian creates a lot of controversy
Image source – Antoine Dellenbach, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The special bets for Neymar in the current season are out, and they show several interesting options. This is your chance to increase your winnings by betting on those options. You can bet on the number of goals, assists, yellow cards, and red cards. What are your predictions?

Number of Goals and Assists

Special Bets for Neymar
Neymar – Granada, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Although Neymar plays as a winger with PSG, the Brazilian has a good goal-scoring record. Since joining the French side in the summer of 2017, Neymar scored 83 goals in 104 games. This means that he averages one goal every 1.25 games. Last season, he scored a total of 12 goals. Therefore, online sportsbook sites in France allow you to predict how many goals he will score this season. For instance, in their special bets for Neymar, 1xBET Sportsbook betting odds for him to score over 10.5 goals are 1.90. On the other hand, betting odds for Neymar to score below that are 1.80. In addition to the number of goals, you can bet on the number of assists the Brazilian will register. Betting odds for Neymar to score above 5.5 assists are 1.60, while odds for him to score below that are 2.20.

Special Bets for Neymar Include Red and Yellow Cards

Neymar is notorious for his tricks on the field, in which, he taunts his opponents. As a result, the Brazilian was involved in many fights and arguments during games. This resulted in him being booked a total of 112 yellow cards and 3 red cards in his career. In this season, it is still unclear how many bookings Neymar will get this season. As a result, 1xBET Sportsbook included the number of yellow and red cards in their special bets for Neymar. Betting odds for the 29-year old to get over 3.5 yellow cards are 1.50, while odds for him to get below that are 2.40. In addition, the betting odds to get more than 1 red cards are 6.0, and the odds to get 1 or no red card are 1.09.

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