La Liga Top Assist Odds: Who can Take Over Messi?

  • Messi is not only the top assist but also the top scorer so far
  • Aspas has the best rate of assists pre match
  • Kroos has been completing nearly 94 percent of his passes
La Liga top assist odds
Image source – Harpagornis, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

With La Liga entering the final stage of the 2021 season, the contention for the best playmaker is tightening up. There are four big names Messi, Kroos, Llorente, and Aspas even in their overall stats at the top of the table. We look here at their La Liga top assist odds, to help you predict who will take over the top spot by the end of the season.

For most online sportsbooks in Spain, it is extremely hard to bet against the GOAT Messi in any contention related to individual accolades. That makes all the sense, as Lionel Messi has recently broken the 100th record of his world’s individual most and best. Besides, he seems on track to win another individual trophy ‘Pichichi’ in La Liga, as per our 2021 La Liga top scorer predictions.

However, at the 2021 La Liga top assist odds, there are a few decent challengers, who are putting up a strong fight against Messi. They are Real’s midfielder Toni Kroos, Atletico’s Marcos Llorente, and Celta Vigo’s skipper Iago Aspas. If you fancy making an exciting wager on upsets, you may think of picking one of Messi’s challengers.

Messi is so far the top scorer and playmaker this La Liga season

La Liga top assist odds
Messi – Image via Flickr

For starters, Barcelona despite all the crisis remains by some margin, the top-scoring side in La Liga 2021, with 67 goals in 28 matches. Of course, Messi is the biggest contributor by scoring 23 goals. However, He is also among the top playmakers in La Liga with 8 assists. Obviously, Messi’s major task is to keep scoring goals. But, he seems to be doing the booth creating chances and scoring all in one.

If we look at Messi’s records, we will find that one of them is being the first player to reach 150 La Liga assists. Given that Messi is a natural playmaker, he will likely add several more assists to his name this season. If you wish to stick with a safe bet, then you may choose Messi with 1.85 odds to stay on top of assists charts, as per 32Red Sportsbook.

Aspas has the best rate of assists per match

If we look on paper, the only big threat to Lionel Messi is Celta Vigo’s skipper Iago Aspas who has the best rate of assists per match in La Liga. His rate is 0.33 assists per match, while Messi’s rate is 0.31. Besides, Aspas contributed to the same number of eight goals as Messi, despite being absent for one month this season due to injury. So, if you wish to make your choice based on numbers only, maybe Aspas with 6.00 is the better choice over Messi.

Kroos has a marvelous season as a passer

La Liga top assist odds
Kroos – Антон Зайцев, CC BY-SA 3.0 GFDL, via Wikimedia Commons

Real’s central midfielder Toni Kroos has been the main supplier to Kareem Benzema, with eight assists in 25 appearances. No doubt that he is enjoying one of his best seasons. Kroos has been completing nearly 94 percent of his passes, especially the ones that deal with forward-moving and chance-creating. For this reason, Kroos holds a 6.00 value at La Liga top assist odds. However, he has just suffered from an injury and it is unclear yet how far it will hurt the rest of his season.

Llorente has been creating the bulk of Suarez’s goals

Although Marcos Llorente joined Atletico in 2019 as a defensive midfielder, he has been a killer in the final third. Llorente has been creating the bulk of Suarez’s goals, thus helping the team to keep pushing for the title. As one of the fittest players in La Liga Llorente has a good chance to keep creating goals and top the table with 9.00 odds.

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