Bid to Halt Online Gambling in the US Backed by State Attorneys

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US State attorneys have joined in a bid to ask Congress to keep online gambling illegal in the country.

The move to online gambling in the United States has been a challenge, since the US gambling laws seem to be in constant flux on the status of online gambling in the States.
While some states have already started to dip their toe into the virtual world of online gambling, it looks like some state attorneys are against the legalization of mobile casinos and online gambling.

At least 10 state attorneys, led by Chris Koster (Missouri), Jon Bruning (Nebraska) and Alan Wilson (South Carolina) are seeking to stop online gambling by clarifying anti-fraud law.
Naturally, Sheldon Adelson, the CEO of the Sands Casino and Resort Las Vegas Sands, who has been extremely vocal to date on the topic of online gambling, is heading up the campaign.

State Attorneys Seek to Halt Online Gambling

The letter to Congress questions the anti-fraud Wire Act at present, which only prohibits online sports betting at present.

“Online gambling exacerbates problems associated with gambling addiction and we’re proud to be working with a number of other states to address the issue,” the letter said.

“Given the inherently interstate nature of internet gambling transactions, we anticipate that it will become increasingly difficult to effectively regulate such conduct as additional jurisdictions consider legalizing internet gambling.”

Should Congress take note, the bid could complicate matters for the three states that have already opted to legalize online gambling.

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