Biden Approval Rating Odds Are Broadly Positive

  • Biden’s approval rating was 54 percent on inauguration day
  • Biden started with a higher approval rating than Donald Trump
  • Biden will likely experience a honeymoon for a little bit longer
Biden approval rating odds

The bookies are suggesting President Joe Biden’s approval rating odds will likely remain positive in the upcoming weeks. They will stand at around 53 to 54 percent. Although that does not seem to be very high, it is higher than his predecessor’s approval rating. 

The New York Times recently wrote: “support from a slim majority might be all President Biden can expect”. It is particularly true for a very simple reason. He is leading the country after many years of political polarization and a wide range of public disappointment in the political leadership.

On Inauguration Day, the United States President Joe Biden had a 54 approval rating and 30 percent disapproval rating, according to FiveThirty Eight. That is a relatively low mark compared to many of his predecessors, except Donald Trump. It is also well shy of two-thirds of Americans who expressed their support for his former boss President Obama.

But what about President Biden’s approval rating odds in February? Online gambling sites in the United States are taking a neutral position. For example, 22BET Sportsbook offers -120 odds for the rating to higher or lower of 53.4 percent.

Why Biden’s approval rating is well shy?

Many analysts at online sportsbook news sites in the United States argue there are two main reasons related to hard-line politics. First, he is getting less positivity from the Republicans than perhaps he would hope. He is averaging only a 20 percent approval rating from Republicans. As long as Biden remains aggressive with his executive orders, a few Republicans will likely remain supportive.

Biden approval rating odds
Biden – Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Second, Biden faces pressure from the progressives in the Democratic party. They are demanding universal health care, cancellation of student debts, and a new green deal on the US economy. President Biden will not be able to fulfill such big demands. At least not soon. So, he will likely receive disapproval from many progressives for some time.

Biden approval rating odds on day 25 of his presidency

The good thing is that he started in the green, which means higher than his predecessor. In fact,  his current approval rating is something that Donald Trump can only envy. Biden’s strength comes from the support of the majority in his party. a 91 percent of Democrats are so far happy, according to CNN.

That percent will likely continue to be high at least in the upcoming weeks. So, maybe you should go with Biden’s approval rating odds to be higher than 53.4 percent on day 25 of his presidency. In other words, he will likely experience a honeymoon for a little bit longer.

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