Lottery Types That You Can Play at Online Casinos!

  • Find the reputable lottery websites to find the best promotions
  • Lotto is the main lottery game
  • Mega Millions and Powerball are to some extent similar, yet, there are some points of difference too
online lottery types

Some people like poker have different variations, similarly, there are also different online lottery types that you can find at online casinos in the US. There is a lot more to find at TheLotter today.

Lottery is purely a game of chance, therefore, you just need to be lucky to win the game. It’s not a game that requires complicated strategies to win or years of practice. However, you can still sometimes differentiate pro lotto players from the amateur players. And though luck is the most important thing you need to win in the lotto, learning some lottery winning tips will always be a plus for you. The only thing you need to do is to match with the winning numbers to hit the jackpot. Sounds simpler than it is. Yet, it’s totally up to you how you decide to pick numbers. You can use any strategy you want – numerology, choosing the dates of special occasions, gambling superstitions, etc. The fact that strategy works is the only thing that matters.

Online Lottery Types – Lotto

Let’s start defining the online lottery types with lotto as it is the main game among others. The game has a long history, yet, it’s still very popular in many countries across the world. Understanding how to play the lotto easy and simple which is why people love it.

The concept is the following – you need to select 6 numbers in the range between 0 and 47. When the day of the draw comes, the system will pick the 6 random numbers from that range, so, you can start checking. But online gambling sites in the US can check it for you – you don’t have to be worried that you’ll a number then. If you manage to match the numbers – congratulations! Even if you don’t match all the numbers but only a few, you can still get some rewards. And sometimes these rewards can be very generous! However, if you did not match any number, don’t get sad and try to stay positive about the next draws.

online lottery types
Let’s play!

The Elderly Also Play Powerball and Hit Jackpots

The next in the list of online lottery types – Powerball. The game has been around since 1992 and it has rewarded many gamblers since that. In comparison with the lotto, the chances to leave the casino with the jackpot are pretty higher in Powerball. Yet, you also pay a bit more in Powerball than in lotto – every play costs around $2.

Here is what you need to do to win Powerball – match 5 white balls and the 6th additional red ball. Any order is acceptable. The draws take place two times a week, and the 5 balls are selected from the drum that has 59 balls. And there is a separate drum where the red ball is selected from.

The highest Powerball jackpot was in 2013. An 84-year old woman from Florida won $590.5 million! She definitely knows how to win the Powerball like a pro. And you can learn it too!

What Are Your Odds to Hit the Mega Millions Jackpot?

Mega Millions is one of the favorite online lottery types that people usually pick at casinos. It s very similar to Powerball in several points. Just as the Powerball ticket, the Mega Millions ticket also costs $2. You again need to pick six numbers from two different pools. The range, however, is different. You need to pick 5 numbers from the range 1 to 70. And the remaining one number you pick from the range between 1-25. And, if you match all the six numbers, you become the jackpot holder!

There are different ways that you can use to hit the Mega Millions jackpot. Your odds to win the Mega Millions’ main prize may range from 24 to 1 to about 302 million to 1. Hence, use the strategies to increase your odds!

Online Lottery Types – What Makes Raffles Different From Other Games?

Raffles is one of those online lottery types that is a bit different from traditional lotteries. The game usually goes with the main lotto. So, people sometimes view Raffles as just the bonus game.

What makes Raffles different? The thing is, you cannot pick your numbers, you just go ahead with the pre-selected numbers. There are certain codes on your Raffles ticket and if it is the same code that appears on the draw day, you win! The chances are pretty good since there can be about 50 winners in the UK Raffle.

online lottery types
What’s your lucky number?

Popular Scratch-off Instant Games

Scratch-off instant cards are some of the most popular online lottery types at online casinos.  They are popular and accessible all over the internet. But you still need to be attentive and think of your safety first when choosing a website to gamble.
You can get the cards for different prices random from $1 to as much as $50 per ticket. And sometimes your odds to win can be very good. Try using online gambling bonuses in the US to get higher chances to win. The largest instant game-winning was when A random anonymous player played a £10 game and won £4 million!

You Can Play Twice a Day

Some US states allow you to play the lottery twice a day. So, you can pick dailies – pick 3, pick 4, and fantasy 5. What you do is just pick number series and you can play straight or box. You order the numbers in straight and if you manage to win, you get more money. In box, the numbers do not go in any possible order.

You can discover more about theLotter here.

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