Biggest Football Talents in La Liga – Part 2

La Liga Santannder Biggest Football Talents

Spanish football is full of young players with incredible abilities, but which players should we pay the most attention to? Who are the biggest football talents in Spain and which clubs are they playing for? Let’s find out!

In the first episode of this series
, we have commented on the biggest football talents in the 3 newly promoted La Liga clubs (Leganés, Deportivo Alavés and Osasuna) and UD Las Palmas. In the second episode, we will continue with 4 more clubs (Sporting Gijón, Eibar, Granada and Deportivo La Coruna) that are also blessed with some of the best young players in Spain. We can only hope that their ambitions will meet their expectations and they will become absolute favourite to bet on at online sportsbooks in Spain.

Top Spanish football talents at Sporting Gijón

It’s always fun to see what people on internet gambling sites think about uprising football youngsters in Spain. Sporting Gijón is definitely one of the favourite teams for those who enjoy a few young talents and this season’s squad won’t be any different either, but let’s take a look at the most important young players at Gijón’s squad!

The number 1 striker in the Spanish team will be Carlos García Castro, who is still only 21, yet has been a crucial member of the side for the third consecutive season, having scored 15 goals in 55 games for the Rojiblancos. The home-grown player will be very important in this season as well, together with Jorge Meré Pérez, Sporting Gijón’s 19-year-old central defender, who played 30 games last season and is expected to gain even more experience this year. He has been part of all youth teams of the Spanish international and hopes to become member of the first team as well one day.

Sporting Gijón’s squad includes two more youngsters that we will better keep an eye on: the 22-year old attacking midfielder, Moi Gómez, who was signed from Villarreal, can make an impact on the team as he already has years of experience in the highest level. In addition, 19-year-old Quatar international Akram Afif also has the potential to become the next one of the biggest football talents. He is on a season-long loan from Villarreal.

SD Eibar believes in the importance experience

The importance of being experienced is definitely one of the crucial factors when describing the best football players in the world, that’s why so many of the biggest football talents need to play as often as possible during their earliest years as well. The Basque team, however, swears that the best success can be achieved by grown-up players and not with talented youngsters.

Hence, the squad of Eibar does not include too many young players. Most of them are at least 25 years old. However, we still can find some important players to watch at the team: Cristian Rivera, a 19-year-old Spanish midfielder might continue improving and could become an important member of the squad. In addition, the 22-year-old left back, David Juncá, can also remain the number one option for the first team.

Best young players at Granada

Granada were one of the main candidates to relegate last season according to online sportsbooks but they managed to remain in La Liga for yet another season. Thanks to this achievement their biggest football talents will be able to develop in a better league than as if they were forced to play in Liga Adelante against weaker sides.

Their squad is full of young talents who are expected to become the future of Spanish football: 19-year-old Argentine striker Ezequiel Ponce arrived from Roma and is expected to score a few important goals. Two more youngsters are strengthening Granada’s midfield: 19-year-old Jeremie Boga from France and 21-year-old Jon Toral can also become important first tem players this season. They arrived from Chelsea and Arsenal respectively. All 3 of them are on loan.

Top soccer talents at Deportivo La Coruna

Deportivo La Coruna have once lived better days and were Champions League semi-finalists back in the days. Now their hopes are far more modest, they are trying to avoid relegation. They managed last season but they will be favourites to relegate this season as well, according to online betting news in Spain.

Hence, they have no patience to wait for young talents to show and develop their skills. However, Deportivo still purchased an incredible talent, Marlos Moreno on a season-long loan from Manchester City. The Colombian striker will be eager to show his skills and prove to Pep he deserves a place in his future plans.

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