Biggest Poker Scandals: What Is Poker? the Revelation of Regular


Posted: January 15, 2020

Updated: January 15, 2020

  • The poker industry went on quite an extreme roller coaster ride
  • Poker Industry Thriving at Start of Decade
  • The way we watch poker now is vastly different than in 2010

Obviously, many people love scandals, and poker players are no exception. News on online poker sites of the United States about new champions and losers is always interesting. However, scandalous events cause much more interest. It’s never boring in the poker world, and there are always incidents that are interesting to watch. 2020 will not be an exception with the biggest poker scandals.  

Indeed, endless need and the desire to break limits is a constant state of poker players. That is why the biggest poker scandals are always in trend. As you can see on online gambling sites in the United States, some of the most talented players filed for bankruptcy at the top of fame. Here are some of the most interesting and large-scale scandals of the poker world of the 21st century. 

The biggest poker scandals: poker players who went broke

Brad Booth

Total loss: approximately $ 5 million.

This Canadian considered being one of the most successful cash poker players through online gambling sites in the United States. However, during the Ultimate Bet scam scandal, Fortune turned sharply away from Booth after spending so much time at the poker table. It is believed that Booth has lost more than $ 2 million due to this scam and more than $ 3 million in online poker. 

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Erick Lindgren – Image source: Photos by flipchip / [CC BY-SA]

Erick Lindgren

Total loss: somewhere around $ 25 million.

Four years ago, Eric Lindgren was one of the top poker players in the world. Receiving his first World Series of Poker Player of the Year Series prize in 2008, Lindgren won huge sums of money at the tables and earned even more as the owner and sponsored professional of Full Tilt Poker.

Recently, however, Lindgren announced bankruptcy due to debts of more than $ 10 million that were raised due to his dependence on gambling and financial turmoil at Full Tilt Poker.

Stu Ungar 

Total loss: an estimated $ 30 million.

Although, the biggest poker scandals are not limited to losses, here is the emotional one. Stu Ungar is often considered a player whose potential is much higher than his level. He possessed an IQ genius and photographic memory. But the competitive spirit and gambling nature always pushed him to the limit. The fact that he was unstoppable at the poker table became the reason for his ruin in the game. If you play at Intertops Poker, you can test your limits easily.

MPN Poker Network announces closure March-May 2020

As we can read on online poker sites in the United States, after 16 years of work in the online poker market, MPN announced its closure. The first of the biggest poker scandals was already announced. This will happen in the second or third quarter of 2020. Director of the company Alex Scott announced the information, making relevant posts on the 2 + 2 forum and the official MPN website.

Should users withdraw money now? Users are free in their decisions. If a player wants to withdraw money, this can be done without any problems. The withdrawal of funds will occur in normal mode. Moreover, the fact of the biggest poker scandals about the closure of MPN will not affect this process in any way.

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