Biggest Premier League Club Sponsors


Posted: July 30, 2015

Updated: July 30, 2015

Club sponsors are perhaps the most important benefactors for many different sides, and we will showcase some of the biggest deals in the Premier League.

Every side wants sets out on a new season with the aim of sealing a top spot on the table, however not all of them have that opportunity. One of the main reasons for that are vast differences in the financial rewards that each of the clubs receive. Online sportsbooks in the EU consider that prize money from the league is almost negligible, so the “real” income comes from other sources.

• Manchester United get GBP 53 million from Chevrolet
• Standard Chartered signed a new deal with Liverpool for the next 5 seasons
• Arsenal’s Emirates deal will net them GBP 150 million over 5 years

There is TV money, thanks to the rights, which helps bring in a huge chunk for clubs ever year. However, the guaranteed money that clubs often pursue originates from sponsorship deals. And they can be rather big in case of the Premier League. A sports kit deal with a manufacturer can generate millions in revenue, while the name on that kit (club sponsors) also has the potential to greatly boost earnings.

Manchester United – Chevrolet

Manchester United Chevrolet kit

The Red Devils are perhaps one of the most popular sides in the world. Although in recent times they have not fared well in terms of results, their finances keep on growing. And that’s partially thanks to the massive GBP 53 million deal they signed with Chevrolet back in July 2012, which took effect starting from the 2014-15 season. They stand to receive this staggering amount for a total of 7 seasons – all the way until the end of the 2020-2021 campaign. Many online betting sources report this to be the biggest club sponsorship agreement, considering that all the other clubs have struck lower deals.

Chelsea – Yokohama Tyres

Chelsea FC Yokohama kit

Chelsea, like any top-tier side, has a long list of names that they used to bear on their shirts. When Roman Abramovich bought the club in 2003, The Blues still had Emirates as the main club sponsor, gambling news report. However, in 2005 they signed a deal with Samsung Mobile – which bore the front of their shirts for 3 seasons. And after that it was solely Samsung that was the main club sponsor, until the end of last season. In early 2015, it was announced that Chelsea have managed to broken a jaw-dropping GBP 40 million a year deal with Yokohama Tyres. It is believed that they signed a 5-year agreement, which will essentially net The Blues a total of GBP 200 million.

Arsenal – Emirates

Arsenal Emirates kit stadium

The Gunners have not lifted the Premier League crown since 2004, which was the year of The Invincibles. Despite that, they are still able to bring in loads of cash through their commercial streams. In 2006, they moved to their new stadium for which Emirates Airlines bought the rights to bear their name on the 60,000-seater ground and also their shirts. In late 2004, Emirates signed a deal worth an overall of GBP 100 million spread across 15 years. Three years ago, in 2012, the heads of Arsenal and the airline decided to bump the deal. This will see the club receive GBP 150 million in total over 5 years, with the new deal already in place since summer 2014.

Liverpool – Standard Chartered


The five-time European champions have a great following all across the globe – an aspect that has helped them generate millions in commercial deals. The Reds bear the name of Standard Chartered on the front of their shirts – a deal that was first agreed in 2010. For this service Liverpool command GBP 20 million per year as one of the main club sponsors. Recently, both partied have negotiated an extension to their deal, which will see the bank grace the Liverpool shirts until the end of the 2018-19 season. The terms of the deal are unknown, however many reports estimate it to be between GBP 20-30 million.

Manchester City – Etihad Airways

Man City Etihad kit

Manuel Pellegrini’s men occupy fourth spot on our list. And that is due to their deal with Etihad Airways, which brings them a cool GBP 20 million every year. The sponsorship contract initiated back in 2011, and runs all the way until 2021, mobile betting sites report. However, just like in Arsenal’s case, they also sponsor Manchester City’s home ground, which is therefore called the Etihad Stadium. The deal for the turf supposedly brings them in another GBP 20 million as well. All of this will help The Sky Blues keep investing in their already star-studded squad – which should see them bring more important trophies.

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