Black Panther 2 Predictions Favorize Regé-Jean Page from Bridgerton

  • Marvel’s first black lead superhero film is the studio’s biggest hit
  • Bridgerton star Regé-Jean Page shows best odds for Black Panther 2 cast predictions 
  • The second film will air in 2022 but the full cast is not confirmed yet 
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Rgé-Jean Page might ring a bell as Simon Basset from the new hit show, Bridgerton. After the British-Zimbabwean actor’s recent breakthrough, Page is a frontrunner at the Black Panther 2 cast predictions. For fans biggest pleasure, rumour has it, Page will be in the cast, but will he actually play the Black Panther? 

In 2018, director Ryan Coogler introduced us to a unique new universe with Black Panther. The superhero film, based on a Marvel character with the same name, was jaw-dropping. Black Panther was beyond the Marvel universe. Coogler made an outstanding superhero drama with breath-taking visuals and culture, not to mention the cast. Now fans can truly be happy since Black Panther will return with a second film in 2022. Black Panther 2 predictions are already popping as fans await the new cast members. From Netflix’s Bridgeton, Regé-Jean Page is likely to feature in the second film.

How Marvel’s biggest hit will continue

Chadwick Boseman as T’Challa led the actor to superstardom, crowning his previous amazing performances. After filling box offices and getting tremendous praise, it was certain that Blank Panther will have a second movie. However, after Boseman’s tragic death in 2020, we sadly raise to question of who will be the new lead. Following his passing, rumours on Black Panther 2 predictions started to circulate. How did Regé-Jean Page come into the picture? Of course, there are no official confirmations or any facts yet, Hollywood gossip pages still leak a lot of insider information.

Online sportsbook sites in the US have picked up on predictions made by Crazy days and nights. Indeed, the gossip site published a piece on the alleged casting of Regé-Jean Page for Black Panther 2. They also added that Marvel does not plan on replacing Boseman as T’Chall. Rather, they would develop a completely new character for Page to explore. Exciting for sure, but how likely is it that Hollywood gossip sites are trustworthy?

Black Panther 2 Predictions
Black panther – Image via Flickr

Black Panther 2 predictions in light of odds

Black Panther 2 predictions appeared on online sportsbook news in the US last month. Bovada offers special bets on whether Regé-Jean  Page will be cast in the second film, and odds show that he may as well be. Who else can confirm this information? Marvel President Kevin Feige had previously stated that Chadwick Boseman may not be replaced but rather exploring new characters who could become Black Panther (Source: Koimoi).

The second film aims to explore more dimensions and cultural elements of Wakanda. Therefore focusing on newness instead of finding a replacement for Boseman’s character. For this reason, we can expect that if Regé-Jean Page will be in the cast according to the Black Panther 2 predictions, fans don’t have to worry about filling T’Challa’s empty shoes. Rather, the now trending actor can make history for his own character. Bridgerton actor has favouritism on Bovada, with -160 odds on getting in the new cast.

Are Black Panther 2 predictions just tall tales?

The problem with Hollywood gossip sites, it that they often shower us with fairy tales.However, every once in a while, they drop something massive that turns out to be true. Run by the anonymous ex-lawyer, Crazy days and nights did post about Brad and Angelina’s divorce, or Jeffrey Epstein ahead of the press. On the other hand, the site managed to fool Hollywood on several occasions. It is possible that the newfound obsession with Regé-Jean Page fits perfectly in line with creating buzz over Black Panther 2. Whoever will pick up the mantle of the superhero, the  British-Zimbabwean have already broken into the mainstream, and we expect to see more of him. For more on entertainments, see our previous article to learn how to wager best on upcoming movies and TV shows.

You can discover more about Bovada Sportsbook here.

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