BLACKPINK Special Predictions – A New Solo Album


Posted: January 13, 2023

Updated: January 13, 2023

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In this article, we are going to talk about the BLACKPINK special predictions. Because BLACKPINK became one of the most famous bands in the world. Therefore, you shouldn’t be surprised when you see them at online gambling sites in the Philippines. Keep in mind that they are growing more and more popular. Therefore, they started as a simple South Korean band.

However, they are going to be the first band to perform at Coachella in 2023. To celebrate this, we can already place a bet on the gossip surrounding the team. However, keep in mind that BLACKPINK is still a part of YG Entertainment. Because their contract is still running. However, the affiliate can not confirm whether they will leave or not. We are going to discuss this topic right now. Furthermore, Jisoo (Sooyaa) is coming with a solo album too.

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What Is BLACKPINK? – BLACKPINK Special Predictions

Let’s start by explaining what BLACKPINK is. Because it would be hard to value our BLACKPINK special predictions without understanding anything about the band. Therefore, BLACKPINK is a South Korean female idol band. They consist of four members. While all of them sing and dances, they have separate roles in the band;

  • Jennie Kim (Lead Vocalist)
  • Lalisa Manoban (Main Dancer)
  • Jisoo (Vocalist)
  • Rosé (Lead Dancer)

According to Soompi, they are confirmed to be the first K-POP artist to ever perform at Coachella. However, since K-POP enjoys a large amount of attention in America. This is not the first time we are hearing of similar things. For example, earlier this year we saw the collaboration of BDS together with the Black Eyed Peas.

The Black Label Rumors

To understand why we have written the Blackpink special predictions. First, let’s talk about the rumors. Therefore, earlier in 2022 rumors were spreading about the band leaving YG Entertainment. However, the rumors also suggested that the band would join The Black Label. Whether the rumor has a foundation or not, is unknown. However, it might be that fans decided the matching names is enough proof.

However, if the rumors had no foundation at all. Then people would talk about things such as the Blackpink and BTS relationship bet. In conclusion, we believe that the label is not the number one thing girl band fans would begin to gossip about. Therefore, even if they are not going to change labels. The rumors probably have started to spread from an issue with their current label.

Bet On Instagram Posts – BLACKPINK Special Predictions

If you are unfamiliar with celebrity gossip bets. Then the Blackpink special predictions are the best form of sportsbook betting for you right now. As you can see that the 2022 celebrity betting recap revolves around Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and other social media platforms.

Therefore, we are going to show you the available odds. You can bet on Blackpink in 2023 by registering at 22Bet Sportsbook. There is always something about the popular girl band that shows up on these sites. Because the bookies are eager to involve pop idols in their selection. However, right now there are two props available in their name;

  • @sooyaaa__ to post a poster of her solo debut album – 3.5
  • @blackpinkofficial announces transfer to The Black Label – 81

YG Entertainment Spoke Up

The Blackpink special predictions become interesting when we hear the story from the company. Because obviously, the girl band doesn’t care to give too much media attention to this. However, the rumors can greatly harm YG Entertainment.

Because the investors are going to turn away from the company if they hear rumors about Blackpink leaving. Therefore, they had to speak up. According to NME, the company said that the rumors have no foundation.

However, they did clarify that the label has no idea about the decision. All they know is that the contract is still living. Therefore, the company can not confirm whether the girls will leave or not once the contract expires. However, we suspect that YG Entertainment will try to loosen its terms to keep the idols. In conclusion, once the contract is over, they might transfer over to The Black Label. 

The Solo Album Of Jisoo

Let’s talk about something less serious. There is good news on the horizon for Blackpink. Because as you saw, Sooyaa is going to have a solo debut album. Therefore, you can hear a full collection of Jisoo’s solo songs. According to Dazed Digital, the album is coming in 2023. This is the perfect gift for those who love the band. Because hearing the single of your favorite band is always a good thing. To explain the Blackpink special predictions to metalheads. Imagine Corey Taylor making a solo album on the side of Slipknot. This is how K-POP fans feel right now. Therefore, you can expect even more betting around the album soon.

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Our BLACKPINK Special Predictions

Let’s conclude our article by giving you our Blackpink special predictions. Don’t worry about being unfamiliar with the entertainment betting categories. Because this article has covered everything you need to know. Therefore, all you need to do is to register at 22Bet Sportsbook to bet on the outcome of the two props. Our first prediction about BLACKPINK transferring to the Black Label, we believe this is going to happen.

Because there was a lot of news about the truth behind K-POP bands. However, at the same time, this Label enabled BLACKPINK to become as successful as they are. We still believe that Blackpink is going to transfer in 5 years. Furthermore, we also believe that there is not going to be a poster about the solo album. Because they are probably going to post a VINYL album.

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