Blaydes vs Lewis Betting Preview – Blaydes Wrestling Gives Him The Edge


Posted: September 21, 2020

Updated: September 21, 2020

  • A classic matchup between a striker and a wrestler
  • Blaydes strategy will be to take the fight to the ground
  • All it takes for Derrick Lewis to win is connect with one clean punch

Blaydes vs Lewis betting preview and odds show that this will be a classic matchup. Blaydes has a solid background in wrestling, while Lewis is a striker with massive power in his hands. Since both of those fighters are in the top four rankings, it is certainly a title eliminator. Therefore, the winner will take a big step towards a shot at the belt.

A Striker versus Wrestler Matchup

This is a classic matchup that we have seen over and over again in MMA. Curtis Blaydes will be trying to get the fight to the ground while Lewis will try to keep it a stand-up battle. Each fighter will try to remain in their comfort zone and bring in the other into their world. Coming into this fight, Blaydes is in a decent run after four consecutive wins against notable names such as Junior Dos Santos and Alexander Volkov. As a result, Blaydes is currently number three on the heavyweight rankings and a win over Lewis could grant him a shot at the title.

Blaydes vs Lewis Betting Preview
Let’s fight!

Derrick Lewis on the other hand is a completely different fighter. He is a knockout machine with 19 KO victories on his record. The Black Beast is on a 3-fight win streak and is on his way to get a second shot at the title. Therefore, a win against the #2 ranked opponent certainly brings him closer to his goal. The real question is, which fighter has the advantage coming into this fight? Here is our Blaydes vs Lewis betting preview.

Blaydes vs Lewis Betting Preview: Blaydes Wins By Decision

The fighting styles of Lewis and Blades are completely different. Blaydes is certainly the better wrestler and grappler. Also, he likes to take people down and bombard them with vicious ground and pound. Blaydes’ stand up game is also solid, and he is able to exchange some punches with strikers. All in all, he is a dangerous fighter all around. His game plan will revolve around taking Lewis down and try and win the fight from there with a decision. Online sportsbook sites in the US give the advantage to Blaydes in their Blaydes vs Lewis betting preview and odds. For instance, at 22BET Sportsbook, odds for Blaydes to get his 5th consecutive win are 1.344.

On the other hand, Derrick Lewis is a finisher. Only four of his fights went to the judges’ scorecards since he debuted in the UFC. He has the strength and size advantage of Blaydes which could play a big role in stopping the takedowns. Lewis will try to keep the fight standing and end it with one of his power punches. At 22BET Sportsbook, Blaydes vs Lewis betting odds for the Black Beast to win are 3.38.

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