Online Blackjack Tournaments Explained


Posted: September 21, 2020

Updated: September 21, 2020

  • Blackjack is, by far, one of the oldest and most popular card games around the world.
  • In this article, we have online blackjack tournaments explained.
  • Let's figure out together what their main features are and what you should pay attention to when drawing up your strategy while playing.

Blackjack is, by far, one of the oldest and most popular card games around the world, both in land-based and in online casinos. It’s not a secret for anyone that after an hour or two of playing blackjack, this activity can start to get boring. However, if you can play and interact with other gamblers, the interest will never wane. This is the kind of experience that online tournaments held in numerous casinos offer. Let’s figure out together what their main features are and what you should pay attention to when drawing up your strategy while playing. In this article, we have online blackjack tournaments explained.

Differences between online blackjack and tournament

Unlike the usual game, when you participate in a blackjack tournament, you are gambling against other players, not the dealer. You and your opponents start with the same pool and play the same number of hands. The gambler with the most chips at the end of the round wins and then moves to another table to play with the rest of the winners. Depending on the rules of the online casinos in the USA, 2-3 players with the best results can go to the next round.

The initial large number of players is reduced to 6-7 people who, in the final round, determine the winner of the tournament. In the end, one will receive a large share of the prize fund. Meanwhile,  the other participants divide the rest of the money in the final round. Thus, having the goal of the online blackjack tournament explained is to take one of the prizes, that is, to get to the final table. Try your luck in the Bovada Casino. And if you don’t feel confident about your gambling skills, read Blackjack Strategies For Dummies 2020. Thus, you will increase your chances of winning!

online blackjack tournaments explained
Let’s play!

Blackjack tournaments explained: Important rules for online gamblers

Nowadays, the classic online tournament in blackjack has a $ 5 entry fee. Besides, it usually has three qualifying rounds. In the first round, 100 participants are split 6-7 people at the table, and then they receive $ 5,000 in the form of virtual casino chips. Meanwhile, the circle itself lasts eight hands. Next, the top 50 players move to the second round, also consisting of eight hands. According to its results, the seven best players move to the third, final round. In other words, you don’t have to “win” a bunch of chips to move up the tournament ladder. If you started with a thousand chips and ended up with a hundred, it could still be more than other players have.

So having online blackjack tournaments explained, you should rather keep a close eye on the chips of your opponents than try hard to collect the maximum. Another difference between the tournaments and single sessions is the ability to win large sums with six zeros or even more during competitions. Unfortunately, it is practically impossible during single blackjack games. It’s also worth noting that in blackjack tournaments, your maximum loss is capped by your initial pool. To understand how this competition works you need to try your luck in one of the online casinos in the USA.

Types of tournaments

The pattern described above makes classic online blackjack tournament explained. However, there are several other types of these championships. For example, a non-elimination tournament or a cumulative tournament. Here, you play against the rest of the participants to win the most chips at the end of three rounds. Usually, you can see the leader of the race and the number of his chips on a special board to better understand how many chips you need to win. There are also tournaments with different elimination rules. For example, when the player with the fewest chips is eliminated after a certain number of hands.

Another type is “live money tournaments”. In classic blackjack championships, the chips are virtual and have no physical value. Meanwhile, in live money tournaments, players buy chips for real money. Thus, if you decide to go all-in and make the maximum bet, remember that you are risking your own money but not virtual. Additionally, the online casino in the USA hosts mini-tournaments and single-table tournaments. The last type is distinguished by a lower entry fee compared to standard tournaments and a more modest game fund. Single-table tournaments on an ongoing basis begin the moment six players get together. Such competitions are especially popular among the Bovada Casino visitors since they do not take too much time.

Tips for participants in online blackjack tournaments

First of all, pay attention to the equity of the tournament – the fund collected from the entrance fee of the participants. It is quite logical that the operator should also make a profit. Indeed, strive to take part in those tournaments in which the ratio of the game fund to the total entrance fee is quite high, and even tends to 100%. The next tip is pretty obvious: read the rules. Many players have made stupid mistakes during online blackjack tournaments. It is just because they did not read the rules and it turned out to be a failure.

online blackjack tournaments explained
Are you winning?

Take your time and carefully read all the terms and conditions: what are the betting limits, how many games the circle consists of, how many players climb the ladder at the end of the round, is it allowed to pass, and How To Use Bonuses In Blackjack. If you have any questions, be sure to get an answer to them in the appropriate section of online casino websites before you start playing.

Nota Bene!

It is worth remembering that the strategy you use when playing in an online blackjack tournament will be different from the basic strategy in classic single blackjack. When you and the dealer play, your main goal is to beat the dealer. In championships, however, you will have to use a betting strategy to beat the other players at your table. Thus, you need to practice your skills in the Bovada Casino.

If you are in the lead, you will play and bet more conservatively for fear of losing your position. At the same time, if you are at the bottom of the tournament list, you will want to bet to the maximum and play an extremely risky game. Indeed, you may double your bets and, perhaps, even go all-in, which in certain situations can dramatically improve your position. In other words, when you need to catch up with the leader, you can’t rely on basic strategies having online blackjack tournaments explained.

Blackjack tournaments increase your winnings

Games at online casinos in the USA always involve the risk of losing, otherwise they would not be called gambling. However, online blackjack tournaments reduce this risk to almost zero. And this is their main advantage! After all, even if you end up losing your 10,000 chips, the bitterness will not be as strong as they were virtual. In reality, you only lost the entrance fee, which is usually a rather small amount, for example, $ 5.

However, if the pool of an online blackjack tournament is $ 100, then this is already a tenfold return! Needless to say about the pride and dignity you will feel when you beat 100-150 other players in an online blackjack tournament in the Bovada Casino. This cannot be compared to anything. Read more information in our article about Why Is Online Blackjack So Popular. We hope that our tips will help you win any blackjack game. Good luck!

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