Bodog88 Partners Up with Early Warning System Against Match Fixing


Posted: November 22, 2012

Updated: October 4, 2017

Online sports betting firm Bodog88 teams with the FIFA Early Warning System.

UK online sports betting operator Bodog88 and FIFA subsidiary Early Warning System GmbH (EWS) have signed an agreement for cooperation in order to protect the integrity in football.

There has been a long-going and trustful cooperation for the early detection of suspicious betting activities in football sport betting between the online gambling operator and the FIFA subsidiary.

Suspicious bets can serve as an indicator for match-fixing for the FIFA. Bodog88 will provide an important contribution to prevent football betting frauds and in general, corruption in sport.

The cooperation between Bodog88 and EWS includes the exchange of betting relevant information to support filtering out possible match fixes through the analysis and review of odds-movements for FIFA events.

Robert Gustafsson, Managing Director of Bodog88, commented the agreement to the British gambling news: “It is in everyone’s interest that the sport remains untainted by any form of corruption and it is programs such as this that help maintain football’s reputation globally and that reputation is exactly why we see such phenomenal audiences for televised football matches in Asia.”

FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association – International Federation of Association Football) founded the Early Warning System (EWS) in 2005 to safeguard the integrity of football through prevention and early detection of match fixing.

EWS is in cooperation with over 400 national and international sport betting organizations as well as with several state authorities.

EWS is not a commercial driven company and therefore not profit oriented. EWS developed its own technical monitoring system that allows them to detect betting irregularities in the market of hundreds of international operating bookmakers.

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