Boris Johnson Has Bet On Brexit Blowing Over – It won’t

  • Johnson Attempts To Get A Deal With Distracted Europe
  • Grab All The Odds For A Great Bet On Brexit At Bet365
  • Lords Vote Down Bill Sections Permitting Law Breaking
Bet On Brexit

The future economic partnership between Britain and Europe is still up in the air. Boris Johnson, British Prime Minister, is hoping it won’t crash land. Unfortunately, Europe is full of distractions at present and the threat, a deal with the US instead, faded on Friday. So where does this leave Boris and Britain? We take a look as online betting sites in the UK like Bet365 offer you the chance to bet on Brexit too. Will negotiations fail? Can the US ride to the rescue? Is Boris done? 

Someone is going to have to carry the can for Brexit in Britain. The EU’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier has declared things are not on a trajectory for a deal. This is not good news. With a deal Brexit appears to be a justifiable position for Britain. Without it, it’s a disaster. Conservatives will doubtless blame Brussels for this, Britain will probably blame Boris. He has not only bet on Brexit but doubled-down on it. The fate of the two, Boris and Brexit now irrevocably intertwined.

Things are not going well. Brexit is the toothache everyone has forgotten about because their feet are on fire. The negotiations between the EU and UK have been difficult to say the least and show no sign of improving. The strident populist tones of Boris and his government have not played well in Brussels. Indeed, you can bet on Brexit not really going to plan at Bet365. Yes, as well as allowing you to bet on sports in the UK you can find odds on just how bad this might get.

Bet On US Trade Deal In 2020

  • Yes – 83/5
  • No – 1/50

Biden Win Busts Boris’ Big Threat  

Sites like Bet365 are offering 19/10 on Europe and the UK not signing a deal this year. Given there’s a hard deadline on this, and everyone’s playing hardball, that’s a good bet on Brexit. Certainly better than the ones Boris has been making. With months to go, they’re still arguing over fishing rights. Sound like it’s going to get anywhere quickly? No, of course not. So, the EU know Boris is going to be getting desperate. His big threat was doing a deal with Trump instead.

Bet On Brexit Deal This Year

  • Yes – 4/11
  • No – 19/10

Despite his best efforts, it appears unlikely Donald Trump will remain President of the United States. With his departure, the chances of a quick trade deal with the US also leave the building. Britain really could find its bet on Brexit leaving it high and dry. Online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365 think it likely. Boris getting a trade deal with the Americans this year now only gets odds of 83/5 at bet365. That’s probably accurate. A Biden administration will not see the UK as a priority.

Bet On Brexit
Boris in 2020’s Summer – Image source: Flickr

Bet On Brexit Negotiations Failing At Bet365

Boris is already on shaky ground. The Lords roundly rejected the Internal Market Bill provisions permitting the breaking of international law. The fact the bill requires them in the first place doesn’t reflect well on the Government. They simply never resolved the Irish border issue. This makes a bet on Boris Johnson having a long-term future as a leader a little cavalier. He bet on Brexit and it hasn’t paid off. Extending the transition period will be a tacit admittance of this.

Bet On Transition Extension

  • Yes – 14/5
  • No – 2/11

Those looking to take advantage of UK gambling laws to bet on Brexit will notice it’s 14/5 they will, and 2/11 they won’t. That would mean Britain crashing out with no deal on January 1st 2021. This will have profound effects on the UK quite rapidly. Boris is already battening down the hatches. However, having seen populism take a kicking across the Atlantic there will be some on the backbenches eying Boris. It could well be he’s going to be the one taking the blame. 

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We take a look at how Boris Johnson bet on Brexit and it didn’t pay off for Britain but it could still payout for you.

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