Seven Different Winter Sports To Bet On As The Seasons Shift

Winter is coming. Again. Global climatologists are, somewhat counterintuitively, already promising a harsh one. So what better way to make the long cold nights more fun than a bet on Winter Sports? There’s a whole gamut of choices at online betting sites in the UK like Bet365. From the traditional favorites to the more bizarre options there’s just no end to the fun you can have. So as the snow and ice close in, let’s take a quick look at seven different winter sports to bet on.

Winter Sports To Bet On

1. Biathlon

This makes our list of winter sports to bet on because it’s got just about everything. People in silly colored Lycra, the physical exertion of cross-country skiing and firearms. What more did you need? It’s long been a mainstay at the Winter Olympics and for obvious reasons. There’s nothing like watching someone streak into the lead on the skis only to fluff their shots at the range. It can be as cruel as it is exciting and so a bet on the Biathlon is a great winter wager.

2. Ski Archery 

At first glance, this appears very similar to the Biathlon. However, a bet on Ski Archery tends to have the added excitement of possible serious injury. Cold fingers and high-powered bows lead to all sorts of fun. Some of it hugely dangerous. The phrase “I used to be into ski archery then I took an arrow to the knee” springs to mind. That’s why this makes it onto our list of winter sports to bet on. It’s well worth taking advantage of UK gambling laws to check out the odds on this one at Bet365.

3. Skijoring

Some of the entries on our list of winter sports to bet on just make it in because they’re so odd. Skijoring is one of them. Competitors, on skis, are pulled by dogs or horses through course littered with gates and jumps. There is even a version that uses motorized transport to drag these crazies towards the line. It is entirely bonkers making a bet on skijoring on sites like Bet365 hugely exciting. The propensity for things to go spectacularly awry is absolutely massive.  

4. Luge & Skeleton 

These two might be familiar to you. They share a place on our list of winter sports to bet on because they’re both just as insane as each other. Headfirst or feet-first doesn’t seem to make a difference. It’s still a very simple way to suffer extreme injury. Take a bend too fast and you just fly away into the trees. So a bet on the Luge or a quick look at the odds on the Skeleton are super distractions from winter worst. If you’re looking for a different bet on sports in the UK this is it. 

Winter Sports To Bet On
The Bandy World Cup Final – Image source: Flickr

5. Bandy

Well-known and hugely popular in the Nordic nations Bandy appears similar to ice hockey. This makes it fast, furious and a great entry on our list of winter sports to bet on. With teams of 11 and a ball instead of a puck, there’s far less contact but lots more competition. Taking cues from field hockey and association football Bandy is a skill fest of thrills. Millions of Nordic types bet on Bandy week in, week out, so you might want to check out the odds on Bandy at Bet365 or similar too.

6. Yukigassen  

Naturally, it can be quite tricky to find odds on some of the entries on our list of winter sports to bet on. None more so than this superb sport, Yukigassen, an organized competitive snowball fight. Resembling paintballing in some ways, it’s a tactical cavalcade of throw-maneuver-throw twixt teams. Unfortunately, it’s rare that online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365 have prices on contests. It’s far more popular in Korea and Japan than Europe and the United States.

7. Ice Canoeing 

Ice Canoeing isn’t the disgusting euphemism it sounds like. The final entry on our list of winter sports to bet on involves five guys moving a large canoe over ice floes and freezing waters. It’s so insane they wear boots with bolts screwed into them for added traction. A bet on ice canoeing is to wager upon the folly of man. A ridiculously cold, wet, uncomfortable, and above all pointless challenge this is the perfect distraction from winter. Just one look makes you glad to be safe at home.

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We take a look at seven very different Winter Sports to bet on as the nights grow longer.

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