Online US Bookmakers Easily Replace Traditional Casinos

  • Shootings In Adventuredome Of Circus Circus Casino
  • Bovada Still One Of The Best Online US Bookmakers
  • Adelson Sells Off As Vegas Feels Economic Pressures 
Online US Bookmakers
Image source: Baishampayan Ghose, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

It is lamentably all too easy to dismiss the current market shift towards digital service provision on current events. As if prior to 2020 no one had used online sportsbook sites in the US like Bovada. This is ridiculous. The trend began long before this year and had already evolved an irrevocable momentum. The whole world is moving online. So, some traditional businesses, and the places they’ve congregated will get left behind. Some, like Vegas, do themselves no favors. 

A fight between different groups of individuals inside the Adventuredome.” Commander Dori Koren described it deadpan. In charge of the LVMPD Bureau, she had to. She had to ignore the fact it sounds like a scene from a Mad Max movie left on the cutting room floor. Had to treat it like just another crime. But with online US bookmakers siphoning off business, the shooting this weekend wasn’t what Vegas needed. Who wants to frequent an unhygienic shooting gallery?

Someone shot three people when an argument broke out inside the Circus Circus Casino. This doesn’t happen when you take advantage of US gambling laws and use an online US bookmaker like Bovada. There might be the odd raw comment from around the table if you play poker online in the US, but a shooting? No. Dori might have thought she was reassuring people when she said “This is not an active shooter.” But it prompts the question; What kind of place needs to say so? 

Las Vegas Microcosm Of Wider Trends

Once a gambling mecca Las Vegas is a waning star. There have been numerous closures over recent years. The liberalization of gaming laws in other states pulled the carpet out from under Vegas’ feet. Vegas simply wasn’t as special as it once was. With the digital revolution already in full swing, however, there was a side effect. In diminishing the occasion that a trip to Vegas embodied, it eroded the allure of all casinos. Why not just use online US bookmakers instead?

“I don’t cry when I lose. There’s always a new hand coming up.”

Sheldon Adelson

The whole concept of a traditional casino came into question. Oh sure, the big fish might still want somewhere to display their opulence, but the rest of us? We don’t need to show off when we’re gambling. Many of us already frequent online US bookmakers like Bovada, to bet on sports in the US or elsewhere. This year a lot more people have joined us. The shooting will add to that tally. Online gambling sites in the US offer all the facilities without any of the dangers.

Online US Bookmakers
Sheldon Adelson in 2010 – Image source: Bectrigger, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Online US Bookmakers Like Bovada Usurp Casinos 

This isn’t speculation. This is just what’s happening. Sheldon Adelson, a long-time big man in Las Vegas, is getting out. He has seen the writing on the wall and watched trade dry up. He’s selling off both his Vegas casinos ending an era of involvement in the city. He’ll still keep casinos abroad, notably in Macau, but he knows it’s over for Vegas. Online US bookmakers can provide better services more easily and conveniently accessed. They are the future for all but the hyper-wealthy.

“I look at every business and ask; How long can this last?”

Sheldon Adelson

Naturally, these billionaires won’t wish to frequent places the public might go. The future of physical casinos is then smaller and more exclusive. The rest of us will simply shift toward online US bookmakers like Bovada in ever greater numbers until it is the only game in town. The digital world sci-fi always promised has arrived in trying circumstances, but it’s here now. Much as they might dislike the concept the edifice casinos of yesteryear will have to get used to their own redundancy.

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We take a look at how online US bookmakers are supplanting traditional casinos and how traditional casinos are doing themselves no favors.

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