Bosnia Gambling Laws are Unsatisfactory

Bosnia gambling laws

Compared to the number of registered number of shops offering sports betting, Bosnia gambling laws are insufficient and not strict enough. 

We aren’t satisfied by the current regulation,” said the director of the Public Institute for Addiction Diseases, Nermana Mehic-Basara, about existing Bosnia gambling laws. Mehic-Basara worries that the already high number of gambling addicts will raise if regulations are not tightened immediately. At the moment, there are 2,443 sports betting shops in Bosnia, operated by 13 different companies. According to Balkan Insight, that’s one shop for every 1,000 person.

Tightening Bosnia gambling laws and raising gambling taxes

Politicians urge both new regulations and the raising of Bosnian gambling taxes. “Betting shops in the Federation pay no tax on wins under [50 euros]” said Denis Gratz, president of the Nasa Stranka party. Gratz highlighted that the minimal distance between betting shops and schools should be also more than the current 100 meters.

Lawmakers of the Federation have proposed a 10% tax on each win over 50 euros. According to Bosnian gambling news, the raise would provide and additional 23 million euros in tax revenues. Bosnia has the highest number of betting in points in whole Europe.

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