Brazilian Tourist Board Proposes Changing Lottery Laws

  • Integrated Resorts And Public Safety Pushing For Change
  • Colonial Era Lottery Laws Hamper Sites Like Lotto Agent
  • Regulation Will Benefit National Coffers And Job Market
Lottery Laws

Even the best lotto jackpot reviews would agree Brazilian gambling laws are woefully out of date. The last major overhaul was in 1941. Now, make no mistake, they do have some limited lottery laws. They have a state run lottery, for instance. However, Brazilians find their desires no longer sated by a lottery and some minor betting on horse racing. So many have turned to illegal gambling in Brazil. The new proposals on regulating gambling laws in Brazil are thus long overdue. 

You may think it odd proposals concerning changing laws nearing a century old on gambling come from the Tourist board. However, whilst these relics of the 1940s guide how any Brazilian may wager, they also apply to any visitor. The tourist commission feel this is a limiting factor. They want to see massive integrated resorts developed on the coast. What self-respecting resort of that nature doesn’t have a casino? Hence, they’re the ones tackling the decrepit lottery laws.   

Of course, they’re not merely using that as an argument. Brazilians are quite conservative so selling them a change in the lottery laws that legalizes online betting sites in Brazil is tricky. Sure, they’ll like foreigners arriving and leaving their money behind. Who doesn’t? They may even enjoy the increase in the size of some of the best lottery jackpots. But they will have fierce debates about this liberalization. Many in Brazil still see gambling as a dangerous vice.

Brazilians Expect Modern Laws For A Modern Nation

So, the tourist commission and its allies are quick to point out the other benefits to modernizing the old lottery laws. They mention public safety a lot. If they regulate gambling, consumers, who must currently haunt the shadows, will have legal recourse. Sites would need approved licenses. “Creation of the Gambling Regulatory Framework will benefit not only the government but also Brazilians who will be safer when betting online and in person.” Explains Mr. Joao Bacelar. 

“Legalization would also bring in investments to the Brazilian market.”

  • Joao Bacelar – President, The Brazilian Tourist Commission 

Joao Bacelar is a congressman. He is also President of the Brazilian Tourism Commission. So, he carries some gravitas. As a politician, he also knows how to work a topic. So he’s careful to talk about all the jobs it would create, or, if not create, formalize. Some 450,000, apparently. See, the one thing the old lottery laws haven’t done is stop gambling. The government, unsurprisingly, wants a share of revenue from new progressive jackpot lotteries and online sportsbook sites in Brazil.  

Lottery Laws
You can easily play the lottery online

Lotto Agent And Other Sites Ready For New Lottery Laws 

If they shift the illegal gambling that is endemic into the light, they estimate gaining perhaps 20bn Reais in annual taxation. Perhaps a lot more. They don’t include resort casinos in those figures. Probably so investors can’t hold them to their throats later on. Investors are looking forward to the old lottery laws changing in Brazil. Whether the rest of congress will go for it, however, is questionable. They may wish the state’s to be the best lottery to play forever.

“With the legalization of all these activities that are currently operational, such as jogo do bicho, bingo games, video slots and online gaming, the country has the potential to move around 74m reais annually.”

  • Magnho Jose – President, The Brazilian Institute of Legal Gambling

Or, more likely, just won’t wish to give opponents a politically beneficial victory. They are likely to split down party lines on this topic. As with so many others. However, they will find it hard to ignore the queue of big investors waiting in the wings at a time of national fiscal stringency. When you need income quickly you don’t look gift horses in the mouth. So perhaps soon Brazilians will get to click on over to online betting sites like Lotto Agent. Or hit a beach casino.   

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