Breast Cancer Slogan Gives Way to Post Code Lottery Start Up

Free Postcode Lottery

A young Londoner launched his own online lottery three years ago where people just enter their postcode and if it is drawn they win money.

Chris Holbrook, struck gold when his start-up company, Free Post Code Lottery, attracted advertisements transforming the company overnight into a profitable entrerprise.The 35-year-old entrepreneur was thus able to be featured in UK gambling news because of his award-winning business.

The idea struck him while listening to the radio. A documentary used the phrase “post code lottery” referring to treatment for patients diagnosed with breast cancer. This gave him the idea to use the term to create his Free Post Code Lottery.

Jackpot increased seven-fold in three years

Holbrook gave up his daytime work to invest full time into his business which is based on bringing in free entries into a post code lottery. The daily jackpot offered rose from just GBP 10 a day to GBP 70 a day, over a three-year period.

People seem to be really tuned in the concept from the ex-British graphic designer. One winner wrote “I couldn’t believe it when I saw my postcode especially since the pot had reached £240! Keep believing and checking – you could be next!”

Currently, the company only operates in England. Holbrook hopes to extend his services to Ireland under the UK gambling laws, as a post code system will be introduced there in the second quarter of 2015. So far, the fast-growing lottery has handed out GBP 31,000 in a roll-over sequence which reached GBP 480 earlier this year.

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