Brexit Part Two – The Brexit Vote Conspiracy Will Be Televised

Brexit Televised

The media play an every more important role in not just reporting events and opinions but shaping them and in the run up to the EU referendum was there a Brexit vote conspiracy of dismissal and silence to lead the UK voting public away from the truth about the Leave Campaign’s chances of victory at the ballot box?

Did Media Mislead?

  • Pollsters & Bookies
  • Predictions wrong
  • Mutual delusions

The bookies influence may, at first glance, seem quite nominal and to lay blame at their door for Brexit is to ignore the very issues that made people vote for it in the first place. Unfortunately since nearly all of the arguments that persuaded people to vote to Leave the EU were either erroneous, false or just plain lies, ignoring them is the only sensible option, and we have to peer beyond the surface of politics to glimpse the gears of this Brexit vote conspiracy.

The media landscape is not as it once was. In the UK gambling news outlets are actually providing you with the news is a daily game for many who can spot meaningless tripe and filler when they see it on their screens or on the pages of their tabloid newspaper. It’s manipulation and indeed domination are key to any political party or campaign and the Brexit vote conspiracy ensured there was precisely the right climate for a vote against the EU, as social media too are twisted to suit the needs of some, like Michael Gove, Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson.

Was There A Tacit Brexit Vote Conspiracy?

Was Coverage Skewed?

  • Farage under-estimated?
  • UKIP laughed off?
  • False sense of calm?

The Brexit vote conspiracy centers around the media constantly referring to both the bookies and the pollsters. The pollsters, the most hapless people in mathematics, were delighted with their models, their stats, their predictions of a win for Remain. Their research had been extensive and deep, their analysis insightful and keen, and their conclusions proved to be utterly wrong. Anyone in the UK gambling lawsof averages would make pollsters right one day lost out again. They never are.

Naturally the pollsters were quite confident in their flawed predictions because up until the polls closing on Thursday night the bookies like Bet365 were offering up odds of 1/9 on Remain winning. Odds so low it isn’t worth it. Indeed it makes victory look so inevitable people could relax, not worry about the nightmare, why should you? The bookies don’t get things wrong very often, do they? No of course not, safe as house. Just like the Brexit vote conspiracy needed. Keep Calm And Carry On.

Was The Leave Campaign Misrepresented As It Misrepresented?

All the anti immigrant rhetoric and scare-mongering of the Leave Campaign appeared so ridiculous, so 1930s, so narrow-minded and hateful that people couldn’t quite believe it was possible for them to win, but because of that derision the bookies and pollsters, feeding off each other for validation of their invalid claims, seemingly predicting a sensible Remain victory, many were lulled into a false sense of security and as those who like to bet on sports in the UK they gambled it would all be okay. It wasn’t.

Brexit - Keep Calm And

Don’t spill the tea, though! (Photo: Favim)

With the media having a vested interest in chaos and the bookies helping the pollsters believe their own flawed data, there was now a perfect storm of misinformation that made a Brexit vote conspiracy occur whether orchestrated or not, the sheer insanity of it making it a dismissed possibility, utterly unthinkable and in Part Three we’ll look at just how that was a pattern of belief in the vested interest of some to whom the Brexit vote conspiracy, real or not, was extremely helpful.

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