Britain Beckons Brexit Betting Boris Johnson Can Beat Crisis

  • Another Public Vote Now Just 7/1 At Bet365
  • Boris Johnson Tories Win Most Seats Evens
  • Bookies Offer 9/4 OnA Revoked Article 50
Britain Beckons Brexit Betting Boris Johnson Can Beat Crisis
Boris Johnson has a clear opinion on Brexit
EU2017EE Estonian Presidency [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Taking all the fun out of laughing at the US for electing an orange white supremacist the people of Britain now face Brexit betting Boris Johnson, of all people, will be able to navigate the nation through some of its history’s most choppy waters. Despite the squalls ahead the bookies like Bet365, one of the best online betting sites in the UK today, still give the Tories the shortest odds to get the most seats, but a general election is far from the only possibility on the horizon.

Those following Brexit betting Boris Johnson ascending to the leadership of the Conservative Party might somehow provide relief from the crisis that has best British politics is probably as delusional as Donald Trump. Possibly more so. The very fact that you can find odds on which commodity the government will ration first should be worrying enough, the fact that fuel is currently leading on 4/1 possibly reason to run for the hills, if those haven’t been rationed too.

Britain Beckons Brexit Betting Boris Johnson Can Beat Crisis
Boris Johnson vowed he’s going to “get Brexit done” (Foreign and Commonwealth Office [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons)
When rationing is even the remotest possibility it’s time to admit that watching Brexit betting Boris Johnson will save the nation is like placing a wager that the iceberg will marry Titanic and they’ll live happily ever after in the Sahara. If you were to bet on sports in the UK in the same manner you’d be staking your money on Aston Villa to win the cup, Australia to win the Ashes or Williams to win the Formula One constructors championship, and no one is really that crazy.

Bet365 Offer Full Range Of Brexit Betting Opportunities

 Well except for the Brexiteers I suppose. Voting for Brexit betting Boris Johnson, Jeremy Corbyn or whomever is in charge of the Liberal Democrats these days can halt the chaos and return Britain to some form of sanity, either in or out of Europe, is almost certainly a sign of madness. Not that it would stop them voting for it again, however another referendum is only 7/1 so the government deciding to forget all about it by revoking Article 50 at 9/4 is actually more likely.

Assorted Brexit Odds

  • Euro &£ to reach parity – 3/1
  • Channel Tunnel Closed – 10/1
  • Food Rationing in 2019 – 12/1
  • Election Prior To 2022 – 3/1
  • Article 50 Extended – 7/5
  • Article 50 Cancelled – 9/4
  • No Deal Brexit – 5/2
  • Same Deal Brexit – 25/1
  • Any Deal Brexit – 21/1

Not that it’ll happen. Britain is definitely leaving the EU. The EU is just making it as difficult as possible to prevent others doing the same. Italy is 2/1 to be the next nation to leave, but no one in Italy gazing upon Brexit betting Boris Johnson is about to show what a good decision it is should be allowed to eat pasta unsupervised. Boris Johnson is a clown, and if you must take advantage of UK gambling laws to wager on him, you might want to bet against him being successful at all.

UK Faces Brexit Betting Boris Johnson Can Lead The Nation

 A general election is, according to some bookies like Bet365, only 4/11 to happen before another public referendum, which gets 6/4, but that’s only because the next time an election need be held is May 2022, and that’s a long way off. Whether the Tories are looking at Brexit betting Boris Johnson can make a good enough of a fist of it to win in 2022 is another matter. They get Evens to win the most seats with Labour on 6/4 and the Liberal Democrats on 14/1 to get into power.

2ndBrexit Referendum Result

  • Remain – 2/1
  • Leave – 5/1

The problem is that The Brexit Party get 8/1 at Bet365, one of the best online sportsbook sites in the UK these days, which could mean they’ll hold sway in what is likely to be a hung parliament. This is a nightmare future only Russell T Davis could enjoy. The US might well be drifting into fascism faster than it can eat cheeseburgers, but Britain is soundly sleeping through the process of Brexit betting Boris Johnson can get a deal, so you’re far better off betting on no deal at 13/5.


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