British Go to Gamble on Social Networking Sites

Posted: May 18, 2012

Updated: October 4, 2017

The British Islands residents, for long avid gamblers and sports bettors, now turn to social media gaming.

It is known in the casino industry that the British gamblers are among the best clients you can get. Britons, just like their Australian offspring, enjoy wagering on all kinds of outcomes, ranging from bets placed at betting shops to British internet casinos.

This is only a fraction of gambling revenues which the British Islands create. The ways to bet on sports in UK are numerous thanks to easy Internet access to these sites as well as to many land-based sports betting shops present.

While walking the streets of London, it is quite hard not to notice a sports betting outlet, such as Coral, William Hill, or Ladbrokes, where the odds on upcoming football matches or horse races are prominently displayed.

But now, the attention of the British gamblers turns to social gambling sites and the benign British gambling laws don’t interfere, although many critics say there are too many ads, and want to regulate these.

How quickly the social gambling in Britain is taking over is shown in a recent European gambling report, which indicates that 20% of all time spent on gambling in the United Kingdom is on social gaming. Not all of these social sites offer ways to gamble for real money, but this is about to change.

The report, provided by yStats, also indicates that other European countries, such as Russia and Germany, are seeing the rise in social gaming as well as increased mobile betting via smartphones.

As it appears, Facebook is facing-off Android systems and iPhones. But the two are merging: soon Android gambling on Facebook will be quite easy.

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