French Online Casinos a Good Match for Land-based Counterparts

French online casinos offer many oportunities to win large jackpots of cash, often matching Monte Carlo.

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Just as anything in France, gambling is heavily regulated. The French gambling laws are permissive. Nevertheless, the gambling operators only get licenses after long procedures and the regulations seek to limit gambling among the French population in order to avoid problem gambling.

If a man, a father of three, playing at a French land-based casino just before the closing at around 3 am, throws the last coin into the slot machine, is that problem gambling? By most standards, it is. The twist to the story is that the fortune had smiled greatly to him. The progressive jackpot which got busted produces nearly 6 million euros ($7.8 million) in a winning. As the winner claimed, he’ll spend the money on his family.

As this story shows, gambling at the French casinos can produce large winnings, even outside Monaco. Indeed, recently another lucky winner has won around 10 million euros ($13 million) at another French land-based casino.

The large betting wins aren’t exclusively possible at glamorous casinos. Many online casinos in France offer highly rewarding games, such as online slots with progressive jackpots, where a single spin can make the bettor an instant millionaire.

The online slots aren’t the only popular games. The French poker rooms attract many. Poker players in France even get to practice poker for free before wagering small bets at many online tournaments offered. And the money being bet doesn’t have to be large as different tournaments offer many ranges to enter.

The opportunities expand when it comes to modern technology such as mobile casinos in France. Now, the gamblers can utilize their smartphones to wager the stakes.

But, casino gambling isn’t the only way to play. There are quality sites which offer ways to bet on sports in France. During this summer, the French punters will certainly have reasons to bet on sports as the Euro 2012 Football Championships are about to begin, only to be followed soon after with London 2012 Summer Olympics. Since French athletes do relatively well, many in France will wager money on them.

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