Bundesliga Betting Preview – Matchday 18 (Part I)

Round 18 of the Bundesliga is back this weekend after a long break and is ready to shower us with superb games

Bundesliga odds matches

Following a suspended break in the Bundesliga we are thrilled about the prospect of having some top flight German matches to watch.

The German league usually follows an extended winter break and now that it’s back punters are all eagerly anticipating the weekend so that they can place wagers on their favorite teams. German gambling news reports that Wolfsburg will locks horns against Bavarian giants Bayern Munich on Friday evening which will effectively kick off the games for the weekend.

Freiburg will take on Frankfurt on Saturday while Hamburg and will host Koln in an attempt to score some points and achieve their aims of sealing a decent place in the league once the season ends. Paderborn will travel to Mainz where they will face stiff challenge from the home side, however they still maintain potential for the game.

Wolfsburg vs Bayern Munich and Freiburg vs Frankfurt

Wolfsburg is the one team this season that can inflict damage to Bayern Munich. If they had a few more big players they could easily challenge for the top spot, however the dominance of the Bavarians has limited their chances. They currently sit in 2nd place with an overall of 34 points and maintain a home record of 7 wins, 2 draws and not a single defeat. These stats quite impressive however Bet365 doesn’t believe they have a shot against Bayern by assigning them odds of 7.00 (6/1).

Wolfsburg Bayern Munich

Pep Guardiola’s men remain undefeated in the Bundesliga both home and away. While playing on the road they have won on 5 occasions whereas the rest of the games finished in 3 draws and 0 losses. They have also scored 14 goals and conceded only 2 which is quite remarkable and for this reason they have been earmarked as favorites 1.44 (4/9) against Wolfsburg, while a draw stands at 4.75 (15/4) although that event is also not likely.

Bayern will play against Wolfsburg away
Mainz and Paderborn will go head to head
Freiburg faces great uncertainty against Frankfurt

Freiburg are fighting to stay in the Bundesliga next season, however their plans seem quite dire at this moment, considering that they’re last in the group. At home their record stands at 1 win, 5 draws and 2 losses, which is pretty bad however luckily for them their upcoming opponents Frankfurt also maintain a somewhat obscure record away (2 wins, 3 draws and 3 losses).

Bundesliga Freiburg Frankfurt

Online sportsbooks in Germany remain divided on who the winner of this encounter might be. Freiburg are in the relegation zone while Frankfurt hold a firm 9th spot on the table with an unstable away record. Bet365 has decided to give both of the teams equal odds 2.63 (13/8), while a draw between them has been set at 3.50 (5/2), an event that is most likely.

Hamburg vs Koln and Mainz vs Paderborn

Hamburg currently occupy the 14th position in the Bundesliga with 17 points in total. At home they have won 3 times however they have also lost on 3 occasions, while the rest of the games they drew 2 times. The last 5 games has seen them win once while also losing and drawing twice apiece. Thanks to the fact that they’re playing at home they have been given preferential odds 2.20 (6/5).

Bundesliga Hamburg Koln

Koln are in a slightly better position than the hosts as they find themselves in 11th spot with 19 points. While playing away from home they have recorded 4 wins, 1 draw and 4 losses, stats that are very ambiguous as it means that they could win or lose at any given time. Bet365 has branded them as underdogs 3.40 (12/5) for their upcoming clash against Hamburg, whereas a draw stands at 3.30 (23/10).

Mainz will play against Paderborn at home and they will try to use everything they’ve got to beat their opponents and make progress up the table. The hosts currently sit in 12th place with only 18 points from 17 games and have a home record of 2 wins, 4 draws and 2 losses. German mobile betting providers are somewhat reserved when it comes to their chances against Paderborn for which they have assigned odds of 2.05 (12/11).

Bundeslinga Mainz Paderborn
The visiting side have only managed to win once while playing away from home so far this season while the rest of the times they had 3 draws and 4 losses. Now they occupy the 10th spot and have an overall of 19 points. Bet365 has therefore decided to give them outsider odds of 3.60 (13/5), while a draw stands at 3.50 (5/2).

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