California Is Unlikely To Bet On Caitlyn Jenner Now

  • Candidate Continues To Look Hypocritical
  • You Can Bet On Caitlyn Jenner At Bovada
  • Recall Election Odds Favor Gavin Newsom
Bet On Caitlyn Jenner
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Anyone who enjoys putting a bet on US politics knows some candidates are gaffe-prone. Some even win and go on to the White House, where their gaffes become legend. Don’t bet on Caitlyn Jenner to emulate them. She appears not so much prone to the odd slip of the tongue, but on some sort of self-sabotage mission. So whilst her California Gubernatorial election odds at online betting sites in the US like Bovada may tempt, avoid them. She may find this race one she can’t win.

Caitlyn Jenner surprised everyone one when she came out against gay marriage. For a lady in her position, and of her background, it appeared ridiculously hypocritical. It isn’t, of course, but that doesn’t stop it looking as if it is. Voters find her candidacy confusing. Who’d have bet on Caitlyn Jenner having a hard time persuading voters that trans-women can be conservatives? You know. Apart from just about everyone. Voters find it counterintuitive. Shouldn’t Caitlyn be a Democrat?    

Precisely why it follows that any man who has transitioned to a woman must be a paragon of liberal politics, is a mystery. Just because you’ve changed gender doesn’t mean you’ve changed your mind. If, of course, you had one in the first place. You may not wish to bet on Caitlyn Jenner being the sharpest tool in the shed. Anyone in the US gambling laws of common sense would have seen her avoid more controversy after Ellen, was wrong. And not just a little wrong.   

Bovada Gives Gavin Newsom The Best Prices

Would you have bet on Caitlyn Jenner coming out against Trans-kids participating in school sports? No. Of course not. The former Olympic athlete and most famous Trans person in the world standing against trans-kids sports? What a ridiculous idea. But, that’s precisely what the candidate currently getting 8/1 odds on the California Recall Election did. She feels it’s unfair to have trans biological male competing against girls. She could be right, but she looks so wrong.

California Recall Election Odds

  • Tom Steyer – 50/1
  • Kevin Faulconer – 50/1
  • Richard Grenell – 50/1
  • Eleni Kounalakis – 33/1
  • Antonio Villaraigosa – 14/1
  • Caitlyn Jenner – 8/1
  • Gavin Newsom – 1/15 

Once again those who have bet on Caitlyn Jenner must despair. They know she could win the election with relative ease if she were liberal. As it is, her conservative positions means the odds on Caitlyn Jenner winning are likely to remain long. The media can always make her look like a hypocrite at the drop of a hat, and they will. That’s why those odds on Caitlyn Jenner at online sportsbook sites in the US like Bovada lag behind Gavin Newsom’s. He gets a far shorter 1/15. 

Gavin Newsom | Governor Gavin Newsom speaking with attendees… | Flickr
Gavin Newsom – Image source: Flickr

Bet On Caitlyn Jenner Gaffing Again At Bovada

Bookies give shorter odds on Gavin Newsom for several reasons. They know voters are aware just what a farce the recall election is. Sour grapes from salty Republicans still playing electoral games. Just another attempt to reverse history so they can claim they didn’t lose. Which, they did. The public have moved on, the Republicans haven’t. They’ve bet on Caitlyn Jenner distracting voters from the gerrymandering and voter suppression efforts across the country. It may work.

“I oppose biological boys who are trans competing in girls’ sports in school.” 

  • Caitlyn Jenner

As long as you can bet on sports in the US being a trigger issue what Caitlyn Jenner says about it will trump electoral law on the news. However, that doesn’t mean she will win the election. You can bet on Gavin Newsom to put up a strong fight and bet on Caitlyn Jenner to fail in her attempt. Many conservative voters will not back a trans-woman however stridently right-wing she is. So if you must bet on the California Recall election, you probably shouldn’t back Caitlyn. 

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