Olympics 2021 Predictions – When, where, and how?


Posted: May 7, 2021

Updated: May 7, 2021

  • They postponed the Olympics in 2020 – It is up in 2021!
  • Olympics 2021 predictions are exciting: nothing is sure yet
  • See the special predictions on the event!

The Olympics is a sports event that keeps the whole world excited every four years. Athletes, fans, basically anyone who is rooting for their own country, bookmakers, and of course, gamblers. After they postponed the Summer Olympics last year, 2021 is the year of the big games – and the predictions that come with it!

Sports events were something that gamblers could always rely on. These were always around ever since ancient times, to give people fun, exciting moments and the feeling of togetherness. For those, who like to gamble, these events give the possibility to make some extra. And the Olympics is like the king of sports events! But the pandemic that hit the whole world last year, changed this. They canceled matches, and they postponed the Olympic Games. But now, as the world is about to open up again, we see a possibility of sports events – and almost everything else – getting back to normal. And this is true to the 2021 Olympics as well, so we can already deal with the odds and predictions concerning the event!

Summer Olympics 2021

So originally, there would have never been any Olympics this year. The event was scheduled between 24 July and 9 August 2020, in the Japanese capital, Tokyo. However, last March they already saw that the event could not be held because of the health emergency situation. That was the time when they decided to postpone it – instead of canceling it. They also decided to keep the original place and name for the event: Tokyo 2020. (It was mostly because of marketing and branding purposes.)

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So, last year they believed that there will not be any more difficulties at this time of 2021. Well, now we can tell that they were wrong. There are still lingering lockdowns and health issues around. In Tokyo, the situation is still not satisfactory, and there are some athletes who do not want to get vaccinated – just to mention a few. This is why several rumors and predictions aroused around Olympics 2021. Keep on reading to find out the odds online sportsbook sites in the US have on the event!

Olympics 2021 Predictions
Let’s go!

Olympics 2021 predictions

The East is still not in an easy place concerning the Covid pandemic. South Korea might be facing a fourth wave and Bangladesh is under lockdown. Also, a few weeks ago the Tokyo Medical Association warned that Japan might not be able to hold the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Since then, Bovada has odds on whether the summer Olympics will take place in Tokyo or not. As for now, the odds on yes are at 1.286, and on no are 3.25. So, it seems like a sure bet at the moment. However, the situation in the next couple of weeks still might surprise us.

There have also been many discussions on whether the event will take place with or without spectators. This is something that online gambling news sites in the US have been dealing with lately. On Bovada they even have odds for this topic as well! The odds on yes, there will be spectators is 1.182 and on no, there will not be any is 4.25. They also have an addition to this one: if any tickets are sold to any of the sporting events, yes will be graded the winner. Also: the game must start on July 23rd for action. Scroll down for more predictions for the Olympics 2021!

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Special bets

These are, of course not the only aspects you can bet on. Sites like Bovada have several different types of bets and predictions for the Olympics 2021! You can for instance bet on LeBron James playing for the US Men’s National Basketball Team at the Olympics. And the same goes for James Harden and Kevin Durant as well! So, you still have some time ‘til July, to see how the situation turns out, and where you would like to place your money.

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