Discuss Tokyo Olympic Sport Climbing Betting in 2021

  • Five new sports have been added to the 2021 Summer Olympics in Tokyo
  • Find out how the new category will work to understand Olympic sport climbing betting in 2021
  • Learn about competitive lead climbing, speed climbing and bouldering
Olympic Sport Climbing Betting in 2021

Sport climbing is about to make its debut at the upcoming Tokyo Summer Olympics. Introducing five new sports to the games, you will soon be able to start the Olympic sport climbing betting in 2021. This article takes you for a quick hike into the climbing world and how it finally made its way to the biggest sporting event in the world.

Although we had to spend last summer without the Olympic games, to our best hopes it will be held from July 23 to August 8, 2021. The International Olympic Committee commit to the tournament going ahead as planned without being delayed another year. With, of course, all the necessary safety measures. The games will mark the second time that Japan hosted the summer event. This year will be a special one for extreme sports lovers. The committee added five new sports to the games, which we have never seen before in an Olympic setting! See what Olympic sport climbing betting in 2021 will offer on online sportsbooks in the UK.  

Olympic Sport Climbing Betting in 2021
Bet on Olympic BMX!

New competitions to expect at the Olympics

New competitions will include 3×3 basketball, freestyle BMX, madison cycling, alongside karate, sport climbing, surfing, and skateboarding. The already colourful palette will of course include categories that contestants can entry. Sport climbing does not mean rock climbing and the three categories also require very different skills. Those being, lead climbing, speed climbing and bouldering. The winner will be the one to perform best in each of the three disciplines, for one combined medal for gender. In 2016, they tested the format, yet it still received loud criticism from the climbing community. Speed climbing especially stands out of the climbing philosophy and is more if a sport within the sport. When the list of qualifiers come out, it will be interesting to see charts that reflect the three categories well enough. Olympic sport climbing betting in 2021 will therefore require a lot of research on athletes.

What to check for Olympic sport climbing betting in 2021

Olympic Sport Climbing Betting in 2021
Let’s climb!

Spring is right on the corner, and we are getting closer to the Olympic days. Online gambling sites in the UK such as Unibet Sportsbook already show odds on medal specials, allowing you the wager on countries that are likely to take home to most awards. See our article on all the best betting options sportsbooks offer right now. And indeed, climbing will be included in all the victories a country can take! Let’s take a look at what you need to know for Olympic sport climbing betting in 2021.

Basics of sport climbing

Sport climbing takes the challenge of scaling steep ascents to a whole new level. Starting with the least well-recieved category, speed climbing pits two climbers against each other, both climbing a route on a 15m wall. Quite “simply”, speed is the ultimate goal. While indoors and outdoors competitions are both popular, at the Olympic Games, qualifiers will climb on a standardized wall, side by side.

Lead climbing is a style, predominantly in outdoor rock climbing. One party takes the lead, while the other parties follow. The lead climber wears a harness attached to a climbing rope, which in turn is connected to the other climbers below the lead climber (Source: Wikipedia).

Bouldering is a form of free climbing, meaning there are no ropes attached to the climbers. It can be done without any equipment, it is definitely the freest form of sport climbing with various opportunities to improvise. In Bouldering, athletes climb as many fixed routes as they can within four minutes, on a 4.5m-high wall equipped with safety mats. When a climber grabs the final hold at the top of a route with both hands, they are deemed to have completed it (Source: Tokyo 2020).

As we await the progress climbing at the 2021 Summer Olympic games, visit Unibet Sportsbook to follow all updates on Olympic betting!

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