Camogie Betting Guide – How to win tons of money

  • Camogie is a women-only ball game
  • Ireland is the home of the game
  • Check out our camogie betting guide and learn how you can winwith it
Camogie Betting Guide

Camogie is an Irish team sport. It’s the female version of hurling, and it’s an only women game. Camogie is officially around since 1903, and women play it all over the world. There are several competitions every season. The greatest is the All-Ireland Camogie tournament. Twelve teams will participate in 2022, which the Irish national TV will broadcast. Read our article, and we will show you the best camogie betting guide for the next season.

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The History Of Camogie

Irish women established the sport at the beginning of the 20th century as the hurling’s female version. The first official competition took place in Navan in 1904. The same year, they founded the Camogie Association. The game was limited to the Dublin region at first, but in the following ten years, it spread to several counties. The first college tournament, the Ashbourne Cup, between the University College Dublin and Cork was in 1915. Due to political reasons, camogie started to decline until they accepted the Association as a national organization. By the 21st century, the organization had 550 clubs and over 100,000 members.

Camogie Betting Guide

Camogie has the same rules as hurling, except that the goalkeeper wears the same colors as the team members and the matches are an hour long. It is an outdoor sport, a ball game, exclusively for women teams. The camogie gear consists of a helmet, a stick, and a ball. They call the stick camán, which has a flat, curved head. The ball, sliotar, is similar to a baseball. The cover is leather, and they make the inside from cork. The players play with no additional padding like in American Football. People consider hurling and camogie the fastest ball game on grass. The combination of no protective gear, except the helmet and the fast pace, makes the games quite dangerous. The players are a tough lot!

Since this sport has many other ball game elements and techniques, the camogie betting guide is their mix. It has some baseball, ice hockey, and lacrosse features. If you want to place a winning bet, you should take into consideration these three sports too. Compare the teams based on the players, their results, maybe take a look at some forums and look up betting strategies of the other ball games. Even the weather can help you. Check out which team performs better in rain or wind, etc. The best camogie betting guide is if you can combine these pieces of information, and you have a fair chance of winning some extra cash. 

Camogie Rules

The game consists of two thirty-minute halves. There is a 10 minutes intermission. If the referee decides, or due to injury, there is an extension. Each team has 15 players on the field. Within 15 players, the team must have a goalkeeper, three full-backs, three half-backs, two midfielders, three half-forwards, and three full-forwards. A minimum of 12 players is required to play a match. The same rules apply to hurling, with the few exceptions mentioned. According to the original rules, the game time and the field were shorter. The matches were 40 minutes long, then 50 from 1934, and the playing fields were 125 to 130 yards (114 to 119 m) long and 65 to 70 yards (59 to 64 m) wide. Camogie switched to GAA field size in 1999. 

Scoring goals is the point of the game. The goal’s structure is unusual, the frame looks like an “H” letter. There is a net around the lower half, resembling a soccer goal. The upper part is open, and a crossbar separates the two sections. A goalkeeper guards the net. Scoring a goal there means three points, while over the crossbar is one point. To understand the camogie betting guide better, check out the more detailed rules in our article about hurling betting strategy

Camogie Betting Guide – Tournaments

There are two major camogie tournaments per year, the National Camogie League at the beginning of spring and the All-Ireland Camogie Championship. They organize the final in Croke Park every September, usually, a week before the hurling and Gaelic football finals. Online sportsbook sites in the UK offer various bets you can take. The best counties consist of Cork, Galway, and Dublin. Dublin won the championship 26-times, however, the last time was in 1986. In 2021, Galway became the champion. This year 22Bet Sportsbook favors Cork, with three odds. The two other counties with the most chance of winning are Galway with 3.24 odds and Kilkenny with 3.5. Check out the other nine teams at 22BetIf you follow this camogie betting guide, the tips will provide the necessary knowledge for winning.

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