If the Numbers Are Totally Random, How Can Software Help to Predict the Lottery?


Posted: August 7, 2020

Updated: August 7, 2020

  • Numbers in the lottery are drawn randomly
  • It is possible to discover winning numbers with the history of past plays
  • Don’t choose hardly ever drawn numbers

Can software help to predict the lottery? The question many gamblers are interested in.

There are so many online gambling sites in the US today. Lots of those, including Ignition Casino, offer great online gambling promotions in the US and other generous bonuses. And the more sites there are, the more opportunities to play you have. The same goes for the lottery.

Therefore, many gamblers dream of finding a special way that will magically make them win. And who wouldn’t love it?

That’s how the lottery predicting software came into existence. But the lottery numbers are drawn totally randomly, so how effective can that software be? On the other hand, since we live today in the world of computers and sophisticated software, why not predict the lottery with these machines?

Can Software Help to Predict the Lottery When Companies Put a Lot of Effort to Make It All Random

Well, a very important thing to know about lottery – the winning numbers are drawn randomly. If there was any cheating with the numbers, people would simply give up on the lottery long ago. Therefore, ensuring honest play is one of the top priorities of lottery managing companies. They take all the necessary measures to make the numbers as random as possible. Therefore, the house never cheats you.

Moreover, some of the biggest lotteries, such as Powerball, even utilize gravity pick lotto machines to choose the numbers. All balls are accurately mixed first, and after, the numbers are picked. You can clearly observe the whole process which proves once again no tampering in the number-picking process.

Nevertheless, these all are not the only measures. Additional protection is in place to make the process random and make sure no other factors affect it.

can software help to predict the lottery
A lot of effort for what?

So, can software help to predict the lottery when companies take this many measures to make it all random? Sounds unrealistic to predict just as with the flipping a coin, where both sides of the coin have 50% of landing. But what else we know about flipping a coin? Though every side of it 50% of landing, we also know that flipping one side for, say, 10 times in a row is hardly possible. And that’s what lottery software does.

How Do We Know Which Numbers Are More Likely to Make You Win?

What do you usually need to do to increase your chances to win the lottery? Look at the statistics. By looking at previous lottery games, you will be able to see the frequency of numbers. So, you have to analyze which numbers are more winning and which are not. You can also do the same with your own playing history and see which numbers somehow work better for you.

Furthermore, most experts in the lottery also suggest that choosing hot or chilly numbers can give you higher chances to win. So, the new numbers are usually the most frequent. As for cold numbers, they are basically the least frequent numbers as shown from the past drawings in lotto.

You can follow the strategy of analyzing and finding the past winning lotto numbers manually. However, it’s very time consuming and might take many hours or even days to reach any conclusion.

Software Just Does What Any Gambler Can Do

Well, as we noted above, you can analyze the past games and discover the lucky numbers in the lottery. But since it takes a lot of time, there’s a need for a machine to perform it.

Therefore, lottery number software can do it for you. The software will instantly create the frequency of the numbers you need and you won’t have to spend much time on it.

Lottery predicting software analyzes the numbers, more precisely, their combinations and patterns. Thus, they can discover which numbers have higher chances to be picked. For instance, not all gamblers know that choosing odd numbers only or only even numbers is not a good idea. Instead, a combination of even and odd numbers increases your chances to win much more. So, after the software analyzes and discovers the right numbers, you will have an idea which numbers are better to stick to.

Furthermore, there are some other more complex programs for predicting the lottery. That is, find out which numbers have not been drawn for a while but are among the winning numbers so that you have more chances to win big.

can software help to predict the lottery
Bots are not as effective in gambling as you imagine for the first time

What Else Can Help?

We know now the answer to “can software help to predict the lottery”, but is it the only way to win?

In fact, there are many tips on how to win the lottery over the internet. And many of those tips work regardless of where you gamble at – live or online casinos in the US.

Obviously, the more tickets you buy, the higher your winning chances may be. But not all gamblers can afford that, thus, there are other better advices to win. And as everywhere, the more experience you gain, the better player you become. This helps gamblers “feel” the game better and understand what works for them and what is not. Just remember this:

The numbers that are frequently drawn have a higher chance of selection

The numbers that are hardly ever drawn have lower chances of selection

Therefore, if you know that a number/combination never appeared among winning ones, it’s unlikely to make you win.

Therefore, you do not necessarily have to have software to predict the winning numbers – practice can be your best winning tool.

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