Most Popular Casino Games That Any Gambler Would Love!

  • Simplicity is one of the main reasons why some of the games are popular
  • Slot machines stay popular right from the 1800s
  • Choose the roulette variation with the lowest house edge
most popular casino games

You can easily find the most popular casino games in live and online casinos in the US. Both casinos offer a great variety of games to play – from the easiest beginner games to the most complex ones. But some online casinos offer even a broader choice. Therefore, at online casinos, gamblers can find the games suitable for any taste.

Gambling has been around for centuries. It all started with just playing games and later turned into the money-making experience full of risks and excitement. And just as now the higher the risk was, the more exciting the game would be. The gamblers spared no time of going to casinos even though sometimes they had to travel to another city. 

But the online casino industry has tremendously changed today. Lots of online gambling sites in the US, like Bovada, emerged in the industry. Moreover, online gambling promotions in the US they offer, make you want to play for longer. And you don’t even have to leave your room to enjoy your gambling experience. 

One of the Simplest and the Most Popular Games – Blackjack

Let’s start the list with one of the most popular casino games – Blackjack. This game will make you break your brain a bit which makes most of the gamblers love the game. Every hand, you have to think strategically about what to do next since all your decisions affect the final result. Despite this, however, it’s pretty easy to understand how to learn playing blackjack.

And if you manage to perform well in the game, the house edge may decrease to about 1% and even less than that. Just make sure you understand all the rules of the game. But as we said, though the game is simple to understand, you will still have to learn how to play it right to win. 

most popular casino games
Learning Blackjack can be rewarding!

Many online casinos offer lots of blackjack betting strategies that you can easily find online. Just pick the right variation of Blackjack. 

It’s Better to Bet on Dealer When You Play Bacarrat

If you have ever thought which is one of the most popular casino games among high rollers, here is the answer – Bacarrat. The game comes to us from France. There are two hands in the Bacarrat game – the hand of dealer a hand of the player.

Scores in the game of both dealer and player depend on the cards they are holding. And in the end, the one with the better hand wins. So, players can bet on the player and the dealer. But it’s usually better to bet on the dealer since it gives higher chances to win. 

Worth mentioning the popularity of Bacarrat in the Asian parts, more precisely, in Macau. Bacarrat tables’ limits are usually some of the highest that you can find. 

You Don’t Have to Stick One Roulette Variation Only – Choose the Ones With the Lowest House Edge

Next, we can’t skip Roulette among the most popular casino games. The game is one of the oldest, nevertheless, it still kept its popularity among all the generations today. Moreover, the rules are still almost the same – the wheel is spinning, and you bet.

Roulette has various variations, therefore, the house edge of the game varies depending on its variation. For example, European and American roulette. While the first has one zero only with a house edge of 2.70%, the latter has two zeros which give it a 5.26% house edge. 

Therefore, you don’t always have to go for the European roulette. Other variations of the game, like French or American roulette, have lower house edge giving you higher chances to win. 

most popular casino games
Lucky number 24

Create the Winning Pattern to Win at Bingo

From a simple game that neighbors or friends used to play, bingo turned into one of the most entertaining and most popular casino games. And today the game has special game rooms with the hosts leading the game.

In this game what you have to do is – get cards under five columns. All the cards have random numbers in them. Later, the balls with numbers are drawn. So, once you the card with the same number as on the ball, just cross it. The numbers you are crossing are creating a special pattern and you have to create a pattern that wins. 

The prizes you get at the bingo depend on your cards. Therefore, if you wish to go for a greater prize, don’t buy cheap cards. 

Slot Machines Were Very Popular in the Past and Nothing’s Changed

Just as roulette, slot machines appeared long ago, from around 1800s. All you have to do is to spin the reels and hope afterward. Hope to land the winning combination where the same signs are coming in a row or line.

most popular casino games
Everyone loves slots machines

Slot machines today surely differ from the ones people had many years ago. Thus, machines today have five reels with three rows compared to only one from the past. Simplicity is what makes it among the most popular casino games today. You don’t even have to have special skills to win at the game. And as most of the other online games, slot machines are also available online today.  

What Do People Love Video Poker For?

Another popular and beloved game on the list is poker. The game that combines different people from all walks of life.

Though popular has been popular many years ago, it remains to be the favorite game of many gamblers. There are a few reasons for this. First is the house edge – lots of video poker games offer small house edges. Next is, simplicity. Many gamblers, especially newbies, love the games that don’t require you to have special skills. And the third reason is that video poker offers generous rewards. And mostly, these financial rewards are higher than those of other games. 

Least Popular in the List but One of the Most Popular Casino Games in the World – Craps

And the last game is craps. It’s the least popular among the ones we mentioned above, nevertheless, it still remains of the most popular casino games. The game comes from the US and it’s now becoming more and more popular in Europe as well.

Craps Table by Smoobs, on Flickr
Craps Table – Image source: “Craps Table” (CC BY 2.0) via  Flickr 

So, the single-game can take about 20 players and every player gets the turn to shoot the dice. And there are several types of bets that you can make on the craps table.

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