Can We Bet On Sebastian Vettel Being As “Lucky” In Bahrain?

Bet On Sebastian Vettel

You can bet on Sebastian Vettel being pleased with winning the Australian Grand Prix, after all, it looked like he hadn’t a hope of passing Hamilton till the safety car made it possible, and for a sport already making great strides towards looking ridiculous without this piece of very visible silliness, which must have left Liberty Media execs pulling their hair out, means those of us that like to bet on sports in Australia and particularly motorsports just a little adrift. Was it real or was it a fix?

  • Should you really bet on Sebastian Vettel to be World Champion after just one race?
  • Does Lewis Hamilton have a mountain to climb again this year to get his 5th title?
  • Given their engine manufacturers are the minor teams in F1 just filling in space?
  • Is there a conspiracy to try and make F1 more interesting than it actually is?

It wasn’t the most scintillating of races with much of the entertainment to be derived from listening to the commentators confuse the names of teammates in identically painted cars as the new safety halo completely obscured who was actually driving and hoping that Daniel Ricciardo would get a podium in front of his home crowd. Sure we saw an over eager Verstappen go into a spin and Haas completely lose it’s mind in the pits, but overall I’d bet on Sebastian Vettel considering this a very easy win overall.

Indeed it was Haas discovering their pit crew doesn’t know how to attach wheels to Formula One cars during an actual Grand Prix that lead to the bizarre circumstance that saw Vettel take the lead whilst not actually on the track. With a pair of unsafe releases in quick succession the second Haas car stopping on track that offered up the virtual safety car just at the right time for Vettel to get in a pit stop outside of normal race parameters. I’d bet on Sebastian Vettel having hoped it would close up the gap, but it did more.

Were Haas Just Incompetent Or Merely Being Complicit?

F1 World Championship Odds

  • Fernando Alonso – McLaren – 100/1
  • Kimi Raikkonen – Ferrari – 40/1
  • Daniel Ricciardo – Red Bull – 14/1
  • Valtteri Bottas – Mercedes – 12/1
  • Max Verstappen – Red Bull – 15/2
  • Sebastian Vettel – Ferrari – 7/2
  • Lewis Hamilton – Mercedes – 1/2

Now rules are rules, and you can bet on Sebastian Vettel knowing them all, but when the cars on track are going slower than those stopped in the pits there’s probably something wrong with the rules. Now certainly Hamilton could have driven a tad quicker and remained in the lead but failed to because his team hadn’t told him of the threat but even so if you took advantage of Australian gambling laws to back Hamilton that he could be passed by someone off track at all makes the sport look plain bonkers.

“Did I do something wrong?” Came the plaintive voice of Hamilton over the radio as he stared at the back of a Ferrari almost certain to win the race, to which the answer of course is no, not really, he was held hostage to the rules and hadn’t bet on Sebastian Vettel being offered up such a perfectly timed VSC by the astonishing incompetence of a team that just happens to use Ferrari engines. Even Haas team principle Guenther Steiner called it “Unbelievable”, many suspicious F1 fans will agree with him.

Bet On Sebastian Vettel To Be F1 World Champion Online

bet on Sebastian Vettel

Lewis Hamilton

The degree to which the major teams control the more minor teams in F1 is something not often spoken of, but in reality there are only four engine manufacturers and whilst Honda or Renault could possibly power a season winning car but all the cars with Ferrari or Mercedes engines would all have to explode first (or just crash into each other) and it’s unlikely you’ll get much support at say Haas if your cars start beating the big boys. You can bet on Sebastian Vettel not tolerating his team supplying realistic rivals.

Unfortunately this means that whilst Renault engine users like McLaren and Red Bull, or Honda engine owners like Toro Rosso are obviously independent, can you really say the same of Haas or Williams or Force India who use Ferrari and Mercedes power plants? Should any Australian gambling news of this bizarre win is just a one off bet on Sebastian Vettel in Bahrain or is there a shadowy conspiracy behind the scenes that handed him a win to keep the season interesting rather than see Hamilton run away with it from the off?

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