Casino Gambling Airlines: Take Your Bets to The 7th Sky

  • Have you ever been bored on a plane?
  • Aviation design studios from France presented to the public the concept of an "on-board" casino.
  • In this article, we take a closer look at casino gambling airlines.
casino gambling airlines

What do people usually do on flights that last 10-15 hours? Typically, they eat, sleep, watch movies, and listen to music. Someone flips through magazines. Of course, it’s good if there is someone beside you to have a nice conversation. However, all this can hardly be called an exciting pastime. Therefore, aviation design studios from France – AirJet Designs and Designescence – presented to the public the concept of an “on-board” casino. According to their idea, small VIP cabins will be provided on the planes shortly. Here passengers will be able to gamble and escape from a long boring flight. Let’s!

If cruise ships can have casinos on board, why can’t planes? Cruise ships and aircraft are both subject to international maritime law. As soon as you find yourself at a sufficient distance from the ocean coast, gambling, in terms of legislation, ceases to be a stumbling block. This is why Cruise Ship Casinos are so successful even though gambling is highly regulated around the world. And the floating casinos are impressive. They have everything you need like online gambling sites in the USA: slots, blackjack, roulette, poker, and much more. However, most airlines still do not offer even the most basic casino gaming services. Let’s hope it will change soon!

“On-board” casino gambling history

Some of the airlines have already tried in the past to launch a casino game on board an aircraft. And it even worked for a while. On Singapore Airlines, SwissAir and Lauda Air passengers could try their luck over the high seas in simple slot machines. This service was first implemented in 1981 by Singapore Airlines. However, they got rid of it two months later due to problems in the aircraft’s technology. The second try was in 1990 when SwissAir set up a dedicated blackjack and poker venue.

casino gambling airlines
Where are we going?

However, very soon misfortune struck. SwissAir Flight 111 crashed in 1998 due to the overheating of the onboard system. The accident resulted in the death of 229 people and immediately stopped the further development of gambling on these airlines. Later it was planned that from 2003 the Icelandic casino gambling airlines’ Boeing 747 will fly from Tel Aviv three times a day for flights over the Mediterranean. However, they never implemented this plan. Then Virgin in 2005 announced its intention to place a casino bar on the plane but soon withdrew its offer.

Air travel and gambling today

Given the sad history of casino gambling airlines, you might be surprised to learn that you can still gamble on Ryanair. This Irish carrier introduced instant lotteries on flights in 2008. It’s pretty simple: if you want to play, ask the flight attendant for a lottery ticket as soon as you are over international waters. The lottery ticket costs € 2, which has earned Ryanair millions over the past few years. But what attracts people to instant lotteries? The main prize is 1 million euros.

However, to win it, you have to scribble “YES” on the card you receive, enter the details on the site, and be selected in the upcoming grand final draw among 125 candidates. Of course, this is not Vegas on the plane. But that’s more than any other airline is offering today. Ryanair, which has already done well with its instant lotteries, is considering replacing the cargo area with a casino floor. That way, you could get out of your seat and spend some time gambling before landing and visiting the Intertops Casino online. Although it sounds tempting, convincing passengers to give up their baggage can be difficult.

Casino gambling airlines concept by AirJet Designs and Designescence

Exclusive interiors aren’t just for private jets. French design firms AirJet Designs and Designescence have teamed up to bring the Casino Jet Lounge to the world. Indeed, it can be placed onboard either of an airliner or a private jet. The design, based on the Boeing 777’s interior, encourages airlines and charter companies to consider providing this kind of service that Jean-Pierre Alfano, AirJet’s founder, and creative director, calls “the new long-distance passenger experience.”

casino gambling airlines
Let’s fly!

The Casino Jet Lounge is a sophisticated entertainment area for socializing on long-distance commercial flights. Bridging the distance between commercial and private aviation, the interior design of this innovative concept, with a blackjack table in the bar and seating area, allows First, Business, and VIP passengers to stretch their legs and chat in a pleasant environment. The modern design has two central elements: the blackjack table and the bar. There is also a cozy seating area, touchscreen bar, and holographic screens.

More about the design of “on-board” casino

The goal of this design was to change the usual rules of airline interiors by adding club chairs and an interactive bar counter. Materials used: leather for sofas and armchairs, a combination of polycarbonate and furniture paint, wooden decorative film for countertops, and polymer for the bar counter. Indeed, this space is characterized by overhead domes and well-positioned sofas, which are the elements of private jet interiors. Furniture architecture creates two worlds: in one-day reigns, and the second you feel the atmosphere of the night. During the day, the lace carvings of furniture reflect light, making the day brighter and lighter. Besides, four club chairs accentuate the flow of light from Japanese lanterns into space.

This aircraft interior design is modern, light, and airy. Color harmony is provided by natural materials such as minerals and wood. Indeed, they are designed to create a sense of well-being. Moreover, white stone is throughout the space, and bamboo elements warm the environment. All this is softened by the texture of the white leather of the seats. As night falls, the glow from wall sconces, ceiling domes, and a wall panel of wine bottles transforms the space and transports passengers into the spectacular ambiance of the stylish cabin. This lighting stimulates the senses with slightly varying shades and becomes part of the ornament.

All in all, casino gambling airlines will bring you the atmosphere of the real land-based casinos that you might visit during the Junket Tours. And for those who are afraid of flying there are plenty of online casinos in the USA. There you can also experience the gambling atmosphere without leaving the comfort of your own home. Don’t you believe us? Just visit the Intertops Casino and check it out yourself!

You can discover more about Intertops Casino here.

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