Casino in Cambodia Opens Again In The Middle of Reverse-Listing Procedure


Posted: June 4, 2014

Updated: October 4, 2017

Roxy Casino in Cambodia re-opened after a renovation process and at the same time it is undergoing a reverse-listing procedure and in the future it will be listed on the Australian stock exchange via a shell company, Cell Aquaculture Ltd.

Cell Aquaculture representatives explained that Roxy Casino has just had a soft opening in Bavet City, in Svay Rieng Province and it will “operate around the clock”, following Cambodian gambling laws.

Gambling in Cambodia

Gambling is quite popular in Cambodia, since the return of casinos back in 1990s. Roxy Casino will join the rest around 25 land-based casinos, which are situated close to border towns and usually enjoy mostly Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese gamblers.

It is well-known that around 3,000 Vietnamese players enter Cambodia each day to gamble, as they can’t do it in their country. Therefore, the information about the opening of Roxy Casino just 200 meters from the border with South Vietnam made it straight to the underground Vietnam casino news.

Technically, Cambodian citizens are not allowed to gamble in local casinos, since 1996, but these laws are not particularly implemented and in general everyone plays when they wish. Actually, in the last years more and more operators are investing in new casino projects expecting the county to become attractive gambling destination.

Roxy Casino features

The newly re-opened Roxy Casino has a main gaming hall with 15 gaming tables and 8 online gaming tables, as well as a first-class gaming area with five tables offering high stake games.

Roxy Casino re-opens in Cambodia and undergoes reverse-listing procedure

• It’s situated just 200 meters from the border with South Vietnam

• It has a main gaming hall with 15 gaming tables and 8 online gaming tables

• Technically Cambodian citizens are not allowed to gamble in local casinos

Of course there are also slot machines and the possibility to bet on sports in Cambodia, with a focus on international football games. There is also a four-star hotel with 20 rooms and a restaurant, in addition to the gaming area.

Cell Aquaculture representatives commented: “Vietnamese locals are the most important market for the Roxy Casino due to its proximity to Ho Chi Minh City”, Vietnam’s largest city. Bavet is 87 kilometres from Ho Chi Mihn City.”

Moreover: “Marketing programs and promotions are created to tap into this primary market, including attracting junkets from Vietnam.”

Cell Aquaculture’s affairs

Vietnam has approximately 92.5 million citizens and there are several casinos in the country, but local players are not allowed to gamble there, unless they have foreign passport.

Cell Aquaculture is currently dealing with Roxy Casino and its future listing on the Australian stock exchange, using the company as a shell.

Back in March, the company announced its agreement with Noble Rate Ltd, Beijing Properties (Holdings) Ltd and Tang Dashun to acquire Roxy Casino, as well as the Haikou Free Trade Zone Project, in Hainan Island, China, for $76.8 million, to be paid in 553 million Cell Aquaculture shares.

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