Casino Tourism: Who Really Takes the Top Spot

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A great number of casino cities attempt to claim the number one spot, however due to numerous circumstances challenges are hindering them the title.

Starting from small betting parlors and dodgy poker rooms, over the years casinos have evolved into multinational conglomerates that offer virtually anything a player may desire.
The most highly regarded gambling places are reserved on two continents, the far West and the far East. The two concerning destinations on these two points are battling fierce competition within their respective regions.

Not only is there a physical competitive threat of more casinos opening, but there is also the virtual one as well. Internet casinos are a growing throughout the world, which many customers have found quite appealing.
However, year after year, traditional casinos still manage to provide an impeccable entertainment, hospitality and most importantly gaming service to millions of their customers.

Las Vegas – The gambling Mecca

No surprise really, as it’s heralded as the most popular and ostentatious casino destination since the 1970s.

Throughout the last decade Las Vegas has recorded an astonishing amount of tourists. From 2004 until today, LV has averaged 38 million visitors annually, although never managing to pass the 40 million mark.

With the recent onset of online casinos in the US, Las Vegas is facing a tough challenge attracting more customers. Lately, US gambling laws have allowed for an increase in the number of states that can offer online betting services to their respective state residents.

Nevertheless, as the years go forward, it is merely a matter of time when Vegas will once again herald the bragging rights to being the greatest in the business.
With the repercussions of the 2008 “Great Recession” nearly behind Las Vegas and players’ spending power slightly increasing, the title of the “Greatest” is set to be given to the gambling Mecca imminently.

In 2013 alone, 39,668,221 tourists visited Vegas. This statistic is far ahead of any major global competitor. The destination that comes relatively close to holding as high numbers as LV is Macau.
Every several years, casinos refurbish their casino designs and layouts, in efforts to make the appearance that there is something always new in Las Vegas.

This is one of the charms of the desert city, as players get the feeling that almost nothing is old, rather it is all fresh and ready for them to get a taste of.

Macau – Las Vegas of the East

Macau was one of the very first countries to legalize gambling in Asia. Due to this, today it enjoys a great deal of
In 2013, visitors to Macau totaled 29,324,822, which is nearly 10 million less than Vegas. Nevertheless, these are impressive numbers for the special administrative region, especially since other nations in Eastern Asia are also posing as a serious competitive threat, as of recently.

Singapore and South Korea are aggressively pursuing their casino expansion plans. In addition, mainland China is also looking to legalize gambling, although officially it remains in experimental stage.
Furthermore, mobile betting casinos are another realistic threat, as they are guaranteed to divert gaming customers to mobile platforms.

Unlike its American counterpart, Macau didn’t always possess the same name recognition Las Vegas did. Since the turn of millennium Macau has invested heavily into its casino and hotel resorts business, all in efforts to attract more tourists.
The year 2004 can be considered as a turning point in Macau’s grandiose aspirations.Tourist visits increased an incredible 40% from 2003 to 2004, as that year they attracted over 16.5 million people.

With the exception of some years in the past decade, Macau has experienced a steady increase of visitors year after year, with 2008 being the most successful to date, peaking at 30 million.

The blend of West and East that Macau offers, gamblers are sure to be booking more and more visits to the unique gambling destination.

Monaco – gambling with royalty

The South French principality needs no introduction. It can be regarded as boasting one the first modern casinos in Europe, the Monte Carlo casino.

If one does not come for an expensive holiday or experience the lush Monaco lifestyle and gamble a little in the famous casino, one usually exiles to this tiny, crowded place to avoid paying taxes.

Las Vegas – most popular global destination

Macau – number one in Asia
Monaco –a niche market specially reserved for the super rich

Online casino sites –growing in popularity among players

Funnily enough, Jack Nicholson once remarked about Monaco comparing it to a luxurious prison as he called it “Alcatraz for the rich!”
In 2013, around 11 million tourists visited the shores of the principality. Although this number cannot compare to the likes of Las Vegas or Macau, it’s mind-boggling just imagining where all those tourists fit.

Many of these visitors come to enjoy the luxurious amenities of the Monte Carlo casino. Throughout the years many prominent figures have come to play at the casino.
Individuals ranging from the entertainment industry to statesmen and all the way to famous business men have tried their luck at the government owned gaming complex.

Mobile casinos do not really pose a threat to the gaming sector in Monaco, as the appeal is ever-present, something tourists genuinely want to experience firsthand.
Monaco lies on a mere 2 km2 of land and with its own population being nearly 40,000, one ponders just how do people move about the small crammed spaces.

Maybe that is why the super rich buy mega yachts, so that they may enjoy their tax-free earnings on a spacious boat, instead of living in a diamond encrusted ant hive.

Online gambling – a growing global trend

Many nations in the West have outlined their desires to legalize mobile casino gambling. Traditional casinos will undoubtedly come across many hurdles, as they try to battle for customers.
However, unlike their Western counterparts, many Asian countries are not relenting to the new changing gambling environment.Some countries like South Korea and China believe that if they were to allow internet betting, many small local bookies would go out of business.
Asian gamblers that support online gambling want to see it legalized, as then they would be able to place their bets on more preferential odds. The odds for Western games online are far more better than the ones that come from the local bookie.
In the western countries, where online betting is allowed, some of the most popular site rake in billions on a yearly basis.
PokerStars appears to be the biggest poker site online, as it records an average of over 34,000 players on a daily basis. 888poker and PartyPoker on the hard have a significantly lower average, as they normally have a daily average of3,700 and 3,600 players respectively.
Some of the most popular online casinos in the US are; Club World Casino, Aladdin’s Gold Casino and Win Palace Casino, to name a few.
Other popular internet casinos that players can enjoy throughout the world are: Platinum Play Casino, Spin Palace Casino, River Belle Casino and Mansion Casino.

Although traditional casinos will be a facing a tougher time as mobile casinos become more and more popular, some of them are still holding a significant market share, something that is attributed to their exclusive locations.
Experienced players will tell you that unless the casino holds exquisite and high gambling standards, like the ones in Las Vegas, Macau or Monaco, online gambling will generally be more preferred by new generations of players.
On the other hand, online gambling does not exhibit the same panache atmosphere that traditional casinos have. If one aspires to ever become a true gambler, it is advised that one first ply and practice one’s trade at the local casino, a fancy one if possible.

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