Casinos in Goa Aim to Be the New Family Destination

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India is trying to prove that gambling venues can be fit for the whole family.

Statistics show that the number of couples with kids who visit Indian poker rooms and casinos in Goa is increasing every year. This is why cruise-ship casino managers came up with on-board creches, where kids can play in a safe environment, while their parents are off having some adult fun in the casino.

Playrooms are supplied with Disney movies, Playstations, children’s books and toys. But that’s not all! In addition to creches, some casino venues now offer carb and sugar-heavy meals, an all-day babysitting service and bunk beds.

Gambling venues get image makeover

Casinos in Goa are adapting to their customers’ needs. Jurate Bitinaite, Delta Corp marketing and sales vice-president says: “We’re seeing entire families travelling and they don’t want to leave their kids behind in the hotel room, so our facilities are perfect for them.”

It is no secret that the casino industry in Goa is pushing for a makeover, in hopes that someday it will become a family destination. Shrinivas Nayak, director of the Golden Peace Hotels and Resorts, complains: “Casinos have long suffered negative campaigns. They have been associated with drugs and prostitution, and it has taken much effort to change popular opinion.”

But that’s not the only reason why casino managers are making efforts to pamper their customers. Increased taxes imposed by Indian gambling laws are taking a big chunk out of total casino profits, so increasing customer satisfaction and traffic is the only way to keep the business going.

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