Celebrities Who Play the Lottery and Win

  • Did you know that even the rich and famous play lotto?
  • Participation in the lotto online gives every gambler awe, excitement, and slight shudder
  • Let’s look at celebrities who play the lottery!
celebrities who play the lottery

Did you know that even the rich and famous play lotto? Perhaps they get bored with their fame and have lost their piquancy, ways of earning their millions of royalties. Thus, they decide to surrender to the hands of chance, fate, and the game. Indeed, something is fascinating, attractive, and irresistible in the lotto game in the struggle and battle for getting that very cherished and so desired chance to win in the lotto. Becoming a millionaire by matching lottery numbers is enviable and attractive. No doubt and no regret. Participation in the lotto online gives every gambler – be it an ordinary person or a celebrity – that very desired and longed-for feeling of an impulse of the soul, awe, excitement, and slight shudder. Let’s look at celebrities who play the lottery!

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Each participant, even one who is inherently realistic or optimistic with a healthy dose of realism, freezes for a moment in the position in which he or she was sitting or standing or lying, checking the winning notification of their lottery bets placed. Will my chosen lucky lottery numbers come up in the online gambling sites in the USA? This question is probably asked by each of the lotto enthusiasts. Whatever the motives of lotto players, it turns out that both the rich and famous play lotto more often than we can imagine. Let’s take a look at a couple of them who have plucked up the courage to confess their addiction even though they have already managed to succeed in life, having won recognition, love, and adoration of millions of fans around the world.

Simon Cowell’s Lucky Numbers

Even though Simon Covell’s fortune amounts to an exorbitant £ 359 million and is constantly growing, the guru of the British talent show “The X Factor ” receives significant prizes thanks to his luck. Indeed, he knows how to select the Lucky Numbers in Gambling. Besides, Simon also shared with the Daily Mail. “I still play. However, I prefer to choose the option to remain anonymous so that no one knows that I am playing. ” The festive solemn tea party has become the main idea and dream of implementation for the most distinguished winners of the “Healthy Lottery”.

celebrities who play the lottery
Simon Phillip Cowell: English television personality, entrepreneur, and record executive. Picture Source: Flickr

This idea came to him a year ago. Simon is always true to himself and his gut. Moreover, he keeps the mark by smoking his cigarette with a mischievous expression at the Healthy Lottery holiday tea. Check out the latest opportunities to win at theLotter!

Celebrities Who Play The Lottery: Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman is a famous Australian and American television and film actor, producer. It is known that he bought lottery tickets for his colleagues more than once. While on the set of the famous motion picture “Humiliated and Insulted”, Hugh bought £ 250 worth of lotto tickets for all the members of the filming team. It is noteworthy that Hugh Jackman is not the first and not the last Hollywood actor to buy lottery tickets right on the set. While on the set of Living Steel, Hugh decided to pamper the entire film crew with $ 500 worth of lottery tickets.

Play the Lottery Online at theLotter

Hit the lottery jackpot without leaving your home

You can buy lottery tickets including PowerBall, MegaMillions and more online easily using your desktop or mobile device within minutes. It is safe and easy.

“Playing lotto is my way of paying taxes. On the set of the very first film in America, I was extremely ashamed that after 2 months of filming, I didn’t even know half of the names of the crew members. To at least partially smooth over the misunderstanding, I decided to please all members of the film crew and give them lottery tickets for fun and jokes. I told them that this is an Australian tradition. But actually no, this tradition dates back to the days of the “X-Men” movie.”

SuperEnaLotto Fans

Celebrities who decided to bet a dollar or two on Italy’s popular SuperEnaLotto, Elizabeth Hurley (500 lottery tickets), George Clooney (1,000 lotto tickets), and even Madonna herself! The fact that this trio doesn’t need money allows them to do something for the benefit of others. That, for example, Clooney and Hurley planned to provide assistance and assistance to charities, directing their vector of assistance to the victims of the Haiti earthquake in 2010. Madonna has also decided to keep up with the two ladies above by purchasing online lotto tickets SuperEnaLotto and SiVinceTutto. She managed to win a decent amount in the lotto, amounting to as much as € 120,000. Thus, the prima donna of the stage used this money to help with the construction of schools in Malawi.

celebrities who play the lottery
Picture Source: Wikimedia commons

Another celebrity who has become a fan of SuperEnaLotto is the scandalous and chic Paris Hilton. The paparazzi even managed to capture the rich heiress in photographs more than once in the process of buying lottery tickets. At the same time, the socialite stated that if she succeeds in winning, she will donate only 10% of the winnings to charity and good deeds. A huge and unbearable sacrifice on her part. Plus, great PR, don’t you agree? In contrast, ordinary and unremarkable Roy Cockrum managed to win $ 259 million last year in lottery giant Powerball. One can buy online tickets in the online lottery sites in the USA. He decided to donate most of his lottery winnings to charity. Feel the difference, as they say!

Celebrities Who Play The Lottery: MegaMillions 

John Legend’s wife, supermodel Christine Teigen, bought her first lottery ticket when the mega millions lottery shot up to the record-breaking $ 656 million jackpot. even Chris Singleton, who has always played basketball to win in the sports field, has managed to win a hefty $ 10,000 in the lottery.

celebrities who play the lottery
Christine Diane Teigen: American model and television personality. Picture Source: Wikimedia commons

Another sports star, Matt Kemp, who was awarded a $ 160 million contract, posted a photo of himself holding his coveted winning lottery ticket, mega millions. When asked about his winning lottery tickets to mega millions online lotto, this outfielder. Here the math is simple – judge for yourself. Which is Better – a $160 Million Contract or a $640 Million Lottery Winner! The answer is obvious. Learn about the other Popular Gambler Celebrities from our article. 

Sportsmen and Lotteries

 Are you interested to know which of the athletes happened to play the lottery? So who are they? First things first, let’s recall Rob Dirdeck. He spent $ 700 in the MegaMillions lottery. The jackpot was then only half the world record of this lotto for the largest jackpot in the history of lotteries in the world. Besides, Joshua Gates is the CEO of Syfy’s Destination Truth. He portrayed remarkable ingenuity, ingenuity, and resourcefulness. In choosing his lucky lottery games, he turned to his Twitter distributors for help. For their help, he promised them to share a part of his lottery winnings, if any in his case. Unfortunately for Joshua and his Twitter followers, they weren’t lucky.

As you can see, even those people who have everything that many can only dream of – wealth, fans, fame, do not deny themselves the pleasure of playing the lottery. Celebrities who play the lottery also experience the exciting anticipation of winning big, the delicious taste of victory. Indeed, some play for the sake of emotions, others for the sake of winning. The lottery gives you a rare chance to instantly become a millionaire. To participate in foreign lottery draws, simply buy lottery tickets online with just a couple of clicks on the theLotter reseller’s website. The most anticipated lottery of the year, the Spanish Christmas Lottery with a prize pool of 2.4 billion, has already been launched. Tickets went on sale on theLotter website. Hurry up!

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